Lenny Kravitz at Gallery 713

Doin’ it in New Orleans. Now on my way back to the Bahamas to finish the album. Lenny. Song: “Do It” from the forthcoming album. Also featured in the movie “Precious.” Film by Mathieu Bitton/candytangerine.com
Check out this video of Lenny in the French Quarter with my pal Heidi Young and her dog Schucki.  This is not Lenny’s first visit to Gallery 713 while in New Orleans. He actually has and wears on stage one of Dana Tharp’s badass voodoo doll t-shirts.   Told y’all this place ROCKS!!  On your next NOLA visit make sure to visit Gallery 713.  On top of the super cool art available there, there is just no telling who you will run into.  I love this place!!
by Sharon Denise Talbot

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  1. Cristian

    The buildings in French Quarter date back to the time when New Orleans wasn't part of United States therefore, the influence of the Spanish and the French rule are considerably mirrored in the city’s design. At the centre of the French Quarter is the striking Jackson Square, home to the St. Louis Cathedral and Pontalba buildings.

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