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  1. traveler says:

    You would need a cab or car, its about 6 miles or more depending on where you are in each area. Parking in the french quarter is not easy, there are some pay lots or parking just outside the quarter. If you have the option I would definitely choose to stay in the french quarter so you can walk every where and not have a car. Not much to see as a tourist in Metairie.
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  2. sixoneurdun says:

    not that far, Metairie is pretty big so it depends, but I’d say about 8 to 10 miles. it’s West of the city. The airport is in Kenner then you drive thru Met. to reach New Orleans city limits.

    it is easy to drive but if your going towards the city like everyone else in the morning (7-9am)or away from the city when everyone is going home (3-6pm)expect some heavy traffic.

    but otherwise it’s not too bad. I-10 is the main way in but taking airline hwy is sometimes quicker.

    parking: well that’s more difficult. they have places that you can park on the street but you must be very careful because it’s easy to park were you can get towed.

    paying to park is expensive, some go by the hour some a set rate for all day.

    the casinos have validated parking but I’m not sure how many hours you can park for free??

    I have friends that tell me that they know favorite spots to park for free and have never paid to park in their lives but I’ve always just paid the $8 or $10 and not worried about it.

    now if your talking about coming during Mardi Gras,

    all bets are off

    I mean things are totally different, they seal off parts of the city and traffic is a mad house close to parade time. If your going to a parade leave as early as possible and don’t plan on driving for at least 45min to an hour after it’s over.

    some hotels have a shuttle or a bus to take you into the city check with front desk.

    when renting a car make sure you have enough of your own insurance coverage or buy theirs. sh*t happens when you least expect it.
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  3. ReturnOfTheFly says:

    Like 15 – 20 min.
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  4. pathfinder says:

    5-6 miles, about 15 minute away by car.
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  5. travelnut says:

    not far enough…just pay the extra money and stay in the F.Q.
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  6. Amanda K says:

    About 5 miles 10 min.
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  7. beatle1909 says:

    If you havent made reservations already, you may have to. Personally, I’d stay in the city, because mardi gras is a 24 hour event, a marathon. Northeastern New Orleans, close to Lake Ponchatrain, and UNO, is a better bet for lodging, IMO, than Metarie.
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  8. cuty007 says:

    Metairie isn’t far at all, maybe 10 miles at the longest. You may not be able to find a place to park where you won’t have to park and walk.


    Park as far away from the Quarters and walk, but think safely. Don’t park in any areas that don’t appear to have a lot of traffic flow or people around. Try to park on the CBD side of the city and walk. This side of the city usually has a good bit of traffic, CHECK FOR PARKING SIGNS, I hate to say this, but my city loves towing cars around this time of the year. This way your car won’t be towed and you can avoid the vacation at the New Orleans impound lot.
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  9. Rach~Babi says:

    metairie is like 15 min away, depending on the traffic. but i mean with the money you would spend on a cabor rental car to travel, u may as well pay that to stay in the quarters.. i mean who needs transportation when everything is witin walking distance.
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