11 Responses to “Amanda Shaw: French Quarter Fest 2007, New Orleans”

  1. svhwdwnut says:

    stop w/.the katrina …
    stop w/.the katrina stuff & talk about amanda pls

  2. 1111Executioner1111 says:

    the ruling “could …
    the ruling “could open the federal government up to billions of dollars in liability for the damage wrecked when levees meant to protect the low-lying city crumbled under the weight of a massive surge of sea water that raced up a narrow navigational channel.” The ruling was also “hailed as a vindication for those who had spent years trying to convince the Corps to fix the flawed system and who have insisted that the flooding of nearly 80 percent of New Orleans was in fact a man-made disaster.”

  3. 1111Executioner1111 says:

    Katrina Ruling …
    Katrina Ruling Potential Impact Discussed.
    Following a story from yesterday in the New York Times about a federal judge decision “that poor maintenance of a major navigation channel by the Army Corps of Engineers led to some of the worst flooding after Hurricane Katrina,” AFP (11/20, Johnson) reports that

  4. 1111Executioner1111 says:

    Just saw her down …
    Just saw her down in Gretna, LA Monday nite, was a terrific show!

  5. taylorTheLitleSailor says:

    french jig
    french jig

  6. jstbemee says:

    Does anyone know …
    Does anyone know the name of this song???

  7. jamierourketen says:

    sounds very …
    sounds very scottish/irish.!

  8. stellarlove21 says:

    This girl’s amazing …
    This girl’s amazing! She can’t be stopped!

  9. Raithea says:

    Great music. I’m a …
    Great music. I’m a cajun myself. But I miss Louisiana deeply. Can’t wait to be back.

  10. SweetStarlet16 says:

    omg i met her once! …
    omg i met her once!! oh! i miss her music! she is sooo talented! and yes LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLE!!

  11. KeeterKeets says:

    laissez le bon …
    laissez le bon temps rouler!

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