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  1. Hudd1950 says:

    There are several …
    There are several reasons to favorite a video–good music, good message–or one that brings tears to your eyes that you want to keep. This one does it all. Thank you.

  2. barrysgrl74 says:

    We’re going into …
    We’re going into the 44th season as Super Bowl 44 Champions. Nice.

  3. WHODATNATION1985 says:

    @NNJRHH04 …
    @NNJRHH04 WHODAT.keep up the faith even in the cheaters Den( NewEngland)

  4. WHODATNATION1985 says:

    @GulfCoastTiger i …
    @GulfCoastTiger i think you captured what the feelings has been all thses years man.i remember watching back when we had bobby hebert.and crying every year and haveing to say”there always next year”through all the misfourtunes we have had.i just hope there is a party in heaven for john north,sam mills,and pat swilling.and all the the fans that have passed away.that could not be here with us that day to watch us FINALLY raise that trophy.WHODAT we DAT.thanks man you made a one of a kind video

  5. WHODATNATION1985 says:

    this video makes me …
    this video makes me cry every time

  6. richa6 says:


    The video is …

    The video is great and one every Saints fan should view!

  7. barrysgrl74 says:

    I have viewed …
    I have viewed hundreds of these videos and have dozens savedto my favorites. This is the first on I emailed every one in the family the link to. Wow. Amazing.

  8. dirkdarkside10 says:


  9. Neny0069 says:

    That is the most …
    That is the most awesome Saints vid I’ve seen so far… Thank you so much for that GREAT Vid, I cried like a little baby watching it haha!

  10. WeArErIsInG says:

    yuck “saint” fans.
    yuck “saint” fans.

  11. red70458 says:

    Great video, I …
    Great video, I throughly enjoyed it… Thanks Red, GEAUX Saints

  12. NNJRHH04 says:

    Great Vid man I …
    Great Vid man I live in Patriot town RI and have to listen to all there BS. I wore my jersey one day and everyone was looking at me like I was insane….. Now I can show them this and just laugh.

  13. xGAMExROCKSTARx says:

    AMAZING! 🙂
    AMAZING! 🙂

  14. batesnj says:

    wow wow wow!!! …
    wow wow wow!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! This is by far the best tribute video I have seen. Listen, this needs to get to the Saints office to show at the first home game next season. The fans will surely love it at the dome. Thanks again.

    – New Orleans Native Son and Lifetime Saints Fan

  15. GulfCoastTiger says:



    Haha, thanks man glad you enjoyed it!

  16. MrClarkman13 says:

    jeff i would kiss …
    jeff i would kiss you if i saw you..but im not gay i hve a gf so dnt get off at the wrong foot…this video is amazing…

  17. tyche93 says:

    This is absolutely …
    This is absolutely AMAZING! I have goosebumps and crying. I know many don’t understand it is more than a Championship, however, I think you have put into video what it is hard to put into words.

  18. saints30504 says:

    greatest video ever …
    greatest video ever posted on youtube. you should be nominated for an award for this. so many people doubted our city just as they doubted our football team. all i can say is WHO DAT!

  19. djrobertmarro says:


  20. dustyrhodes38 says:

    One of the best …
    One of the best I’ve seen! Very nice work.

  21. xp34789 says:

    God bless you for …
    God bless you for making this video.

  22. kmaze1204 says:

    Nice work Jeff!
    Nice work Jeff!

  23. shancock0710 says:

    This is awesome. …
    This is awesome. Hoping to see another one next year!

  24. TheBrandonAdam says:

    @GulfCoastTiger ur …
    @GulfCoastTiger ur in college?

  25. TheBrandonAdam says:

    whats the music in …
    whats the music in the video

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