10 Responses to “New Orleans Saints Post Season Highlights 2009-2010”

  1. frankdeci says:


    The Vikings …

    The Vikings would not have even made it that far without Favre.
    They lost to the Saints, due to the fact they are not that great of a team. Take out Favre, and they are shit. Peterson don’t ever hold onto the ball, they have NO good Cornerbacks (Unlike the Saints)
    When Favre is gone, eventually, they are going to suck…bad.

  2. NewOrleansSpartans21 says:

    @PanteraBoy989 …
    @PanteraBoy989 Still feels like a dream man

  3. chevygotthatpower says:

    great video..
    great video..

  4. 57ryanfuller says:

    9:45 made me cry in …
    9:45 made me cry in happyness!

  5. illmatic826 says:

    @Perchok its called …
    @Perchok its called “Heart Of The City” & its by “X-Man, Bigshot, Big Rec, & Kuniqua”

  6. illmatic826 says:

    @ …
    @LivingWorstNightmare its not a remix its an actual song its called “Heart Of The City” & its by “X-Man, Bigshot, Big Rec, & Kuniqua”

  7. Perchok says:

    if someone finds …
    if someone finds this remix, please let me know

  8. LivingWorstNightmare says:


    It’s …

    It’s called Heart of the City, some remix I found of Bree’s pumping the team. Sorry don’t know who made it.

  9. Perchok says:

    You’re …

    You’re wrong

  10. 888Minutes says:


    Black …

    Black Horseman by King Diamond.

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