25 Responses to “New Orleans Saints 2009 “The Harder they Come””

  1. BloodNGutts says:

    @MsGuitargoddess …
    @MsGuitargoddess ohh well I like rockin your sox then baby haha ! thank you Erin your too sweet .

  2. MsGuitargoddess says:

    This Song Rox my …
    This Song Rox my Sox!,and the vid is as Awesome as U!

  3. wezzy135 says:

    @phillyeagles217 …
    @phillyeagles217 thx for not being a douche congratulating us rather then saying we didnt deserve it

  4. wezzy135 says:

    @phillyeagles217 …
    @phillyeagles217 thx for not being a douche congratulating us rather then saying we didnt deserve it

  5. wezzy135 says:

    ive been a saints …
    ive been a saints fan since i was 8 and now im 13 and im still learning how to jump like Reggie but thats ok we won the superbowl against our orginaL QBs son WHO DAT since 1967

  6. BloodNGutts says:


  7. BloodNGutts says:

    Thanks man if …
    Thanks man if McNabb would have played . Then I would would have worried

  8. phillyeagles217 says:

    COngrats to the …
    COngrats to the Saints on winning the Super Bowl.

    – phillyeagles217

  9. phillyeagles217 says:

    our D took it in …
    our D took it in the arse

  10. BloodNGutts says:

    yeah that and 27 …
    yeah that and 27 points . Drew hung 48 points on ya man .

  11. phillyeagles217 says:

    if our D showed up …
    if our D showed up in week 2 we would of won

    Kolb had 390 and 3 TDs

  12. Geauxsaints93 says:

    NO DAT!
    NO DAT!

  13. CPA1N3 says:

    Who dat say they …
    Who dat say they gonna beat dem SAiNTS?…No one!

  14. cajunbaby73 says:

    WHO DAT BABY!! …
    WHO DAT BABY!! Great video Alan!

  15. lejeuene says:

    Amen dlbjr07…. …
    Amen dlbjr07….class act by the fans. I haven’t heard or read of any problems. For the first championship (more to come) for any New Orleans team, I kinda expected a few problems…..class act. WHO DAT BABY!!!!

  16. BloodNGutts says:

    @Chronickill That …
    @Chronickill That team was on a bent on giving the city a championship. Great guys

  17. dlbjr07 says:

    Thanks for the …
    Thanks for the pictures… They were really cool. Drew Brees holding his baby with CHAMPIONS in the forground has to be the best picture of 2009 NFL football !

  18. BloodNGutts says:

    @dlbjr07 If he …
    @dlbjr07 If he wants some great shots send me your email in mESSAGE AND i’LL SEND SOMEreally grerat shots to you

  19. dlbjr07 says:

    Thanks again Steve. …
    Thanks again Steve… for the video and what you did for me , Its my and my sons screen-saver!!!! My G/F back then wasent ugly she just looked better going the comeing ! Thank GOD she just went!

  20. BloodNGutts says:

    @dlbjr07 lol the gf
    @dlbjr07 lol the gf

  21. dlbjr07 says:

    I have been a …
    I have been a Saints fan since 1967! In my home you had no choice. Sundays consist of church and just hopeing the preacher man would rap it up in time to go and yell like idiots in time for a bad team. I never wore a bag over my head but I did carry one in my car. In 1980 my G/F wasent the prom queen (but thats a different story).
    Im just proud that the WHO-DAT nation showed we can throw a party and we dont have to loot or burn police cars to show celerbrate a CHAMPIONSHIP Party!!! WHO-DAT!

  22. okbuilder says:

    So proud of our …
    So proud of our Saints! I can’t wait for the parade on Tuesday! Who Dat!

  23. Chronickill says:

    Hell yea baby. …
    yea baby. Congrads on the super bowl. I wish I was LIving in Nola right now. PARTY. i have to say WHO DAT. Watch out for tampa next year tho. lol

  24. BloodNGutts says:

    @Allouryesterdays1 …
    I’ve never been more proud to be from NOLA in my life. It’s a magic time for all of us. No matter where you happen to live now everyone’s heart is in that wonderful place on the bend of that river .
    WHO DAT BABY !!!

  25. Allouryesterdays1 says:

    VERY nice video so …
    VERY nice video so happy for my Saints. those of us born and raised in nola been waiting for our saints to get this far for way too long! I like the song you put with it too. I’ve been checking out these highlights videos (getting all pumped up and all) and have to mute a lot of them because of the terrible rap songs. WHO DAT WHO DAT!!!

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