25 Responses to “2009 New Orleans Saints Top 20 Moments of the Season 1 ( 20-11 )”

  1. TheBubbaBlue says:

    great video man …
    great video man FootBall Season Is Near

  2. MsGuitargoddess says:

    OMG! This Is …
    OMG! This Is AMAZING :)) U Ain’t Lyin’ On Your Channel When U Say “Where FootBall Meets EPIC”… I Love it! It’s Going To Be Featured on My Channel Darlin’ 😉

    Thank you For Fixing it to Where I Can Watch it on My iPhone (((HUG)))
    You Have A Grand Evening… WHO DAT!!!

  3. jaredwt13 says:

    Very well done.
    Very well done.

  4. FOOTBALL1stDOWN says:

    @BloodNGutts lol… …
    @BloodNGutts lol…yeah ya right :^)

  5. BloodNGutts says:

    @FOOTBALL1stDOWN they are like dreams man they look so good

  6. BloodNGutts says:

    @FOOTBALL1stDOWN if we tell her how good looking she is shell be here faster than Reggie running for an end zone pylon

  7. FOOTBALL1stDOWN says:

    @BloodNGutts Haha,I …
    @BloodNGutts Haha,I don’t know where she’s been.I haven’t heard from her in a while.You know?

  8. BloodNGutts says:

    @FOOTBALL1stDOWN Wheres Dat Goddess at ? shes a dream

  9. FOOTBALL1stDOWN says:

    @johnvella Lol… …
    @johnvella Lol… well, has finally frozen over… ;^]

  10. FOOTBALL1stDOWN says:

    @BloodNGutts Hey …
    @BloodNGutts Hey bro! That’s one of the best comments I’ve ever heard! :^)

  11. johnvella says:

    CHILLS! i’m …
    CHILLS! i’m covered in chills and i’m only 30 seconds in. awesome video!!!

  12. BloodNGutts says:

    Hey buddy how you …
    Hey buddy how you been ? your videos look like dreams man

  13. neworleansalgiershus says:

    once again,i dont …
    once again,i dont know how i miss this one,AWESOME!

  14. FOOTBALL1stDOWN says:

    @DEZZY2425 Thanks ” …
    @DEZZY2425 Thanks “D”, much appreciated as always.

  15. FOOTBALL1stDOWN says:

    @yurintroubl Thanks …
    @yurintroubl Thanks,”Troubl”.I checked out the music and I must admit,it is right up my alley.Thanks bro.

    I enjoy the “new age” music and the extra life it gives to just about anything,even sports.

  16. Ringnes85 says:

    @FOOTBALL1stDOWN Me too, sometimes i just reminisce about the entire season, how i kept my hopes up and believed in them, all the amazing moments.. Ah yeah, Them ole Saints..

  17. DEZZY2425 says:

    This is just simply …
    This is just simply amazing man.. great job as always man!!

  18. yurintroubl says:

    LOVE IT!! You …
    LOVE IT!! You continue to play to your strengths with this one! I like the added drama and anticipation that comes with a countdown.

    Quick musical tangent – The music you chose for this vid reminded me of something you may enjoy. I don’t think that I can post a comment with a link in it, but search youtube for the following-

    Ofra Haza Box Camera

    The Paul deBoer remix is the one you should listen to if you haven’t already heard it at some point.

  19. FOOTBALL1stDOWN says:

    @Ringnes85 Yeah, …
    @Ringnes85 Yeah, talk about it.This truly was a super season.Makes me smile when I think about it.Them ole Saints! LOL.

    SHHhhhhh…. quiet,not yet, lol.

  20. FOOTBALL1stDOWN says:

    @jdpower13 Thanks!

    @jdpower13 Thanks!

    Song is Panoramic by Atticus Ross.

  21. FOOTBALL1stDOWN says:

    @pazzmatt OH so …
    @pazzmatt OH so you’re pretty sure huh? Well…we’ll just see about that,lol.
    thanks Pazz,I can’t wait for the top 10 either,lol.

    Iam clever…clever Iam ;^}

  22. Ringnes85 says:

    Great job, as usual …
    Great job, as usual ;p
    Don’t sweat it, it’s hard to rate the top moments when they are all so great..
    Every good moment is a favorite moment..
    Looking forward to the top 10 moments as well..
    My favorite all time moment has to be Hartley’s game winning field goal in overtime agains the Vikings, it touched my heart for real, as i was jumping up and down and couldnt believe Saints would go to the Superbowl for the very first time..
    Although the pick six by Porter that sealed the SB is pretty close

  23. jdpower13 says:

    Wow, amazing job !

    Wow, amazing job !

    Btw, what’s the name of the song used for the intro ?

  24. pazzmatt says:

    Bravo! What a cool …
    Bravo! What a cool idea for a vid. Loved the way you labeled them. Too clever. Reggie Returns, Shockey’s Revenge and my fav – 2 Moore. You’re too awesome for words. Of course I can’t wait for the top 10. I’ve already tried to guess what they’ll be. I’m pretty sure about six of them lol.

  25. terrypslam says:

    Awesome !! Cant …
    Awesome !! Cant wait for top 10

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