People To See, Places To Go, Things To Do In NOLA (New Orleans, LA)

I’m going to New Orleans, Biloxi, Mobile shortly. What attractions are left and active after Katrina?

the only thing to view in Biloxi is the distruction. New Orleans.. there is still many things to do.. for Valentines day my boyfriend and i went on a River Boat Cruise with breakfest and a jazz band. In the afternoon i went on a Garden District tour. Viewing the million dollar homes of famous celebrates .. such as john goodman to name one. then at night a hanuted ghost tour. The Garden and the Ghost tours were givin by Rev Zombies Voodoo Shop. It was great and they did a very good job. I’m from New Orleans and been to many other cities.. and new orleans offers many things the no others have. so its a great time to experience the culture of new orleans when down here.

you can go to click on ‘Local Guides’ then ‘Tours’ most of them are running. and theres and endless list of them.