Sticky: New Orleans Saints ain’t the Aint’s No More!!!

New Orleans Saints

The New Orleans Saints are in the Super Bowl!


New Orleans Saints Bless you Boys and all the Who Dat noise!

The fans were more than great and we are oh so grateful for the Viking mistakes!

Minnesota thought they could pull it out.

NOT!  That’s what I’m talking about!

Drew and crew did what we needed them to do.

And man, did Garrett Hartley really come through!

So proud of our Black and Gold,

We Believe Boys, heart and soul!!

It’s party time in the Big Easy tonight,

Can I get a “Yea you right!”

We can’t help it if that’s how we roll.

Hey N’awlins, We are going to the Super Bowl!!!

By Sharon Denise Talbot

Super Fan of the New Orleans Saints and Editor of WhoDatDoDat.com


The New Orleans Saints went on the win the Super Bowl for the first time in the organizations history. The New Orleans Saints beat the Colts in an exciting game with a 4th quarter interception. Who Dat!

New Orleans Saints

Sticky: Saints are Number One!!

 The New Orleans Saints are Number One!   We Believed here in LaBreesiana!!!

Eric Clapton coming to the New Orleans Arena in 2010

By Keith Spera, The Times-Picayune
December 07, 2009, 4:09PM
Eric Clapton is coming to New Orleans in 2010.

Guitar virtuoso Eric Clapton is scheduled to perform at the New Orleans Arena on Saturday, March 6, 2010. Opening the show is Roger Daltrey, the singer of The Who.
Tickets go on sale this Saturday, Dec. 12 at 10 a.m. via Ticketmaster and on Monday, Dec. 14 at the arena box office. Tickets are priced at $51.50, $72.50 and $91.50 plus service charges.
The New Orleans stop is one of only 11 North American dates announced so far for Clapton’s 2010 headlining tour. These dates are in addition to three shows with Jeff Beck and a European tour with Steve Winwood.
On recent tours, Clapton’s band has included at least one other guitarist. But according to Clapton’s Web site, he will be the only guitarist on stage for these shows, backed by drummer Steve Gadd, bassist Willie Weeks, keyboardists Chris Stainton and Walt Richmond, and singers Michelle John and Sharon White.
The Clapton announcement adds to the tally of major concerts coming to the New Orleans area in 2010. If early trends are any indication, next year may be as busy a concert season locally as was 2009. In ’09, the New Orleans Arena presented more concerts than any year in its decade-long history.


Sticky: Super Bowl Champs – New Orleans Saints


by Sharon Denise Talbot

Sticky: Waiting for the Game




Whoop! Whoop! Sunday is finally here.
You guys over there, put a little more ice on that beer.
No, no cartoons today, it’s the Super Bowl, my baby.
Let’s see now, we’ve got pecan pie, potato salad, rice and gravy.
The Saints and the Colts are fixing to battle it out.
Poppa’s got a brisket in the oven, that’s what I’m talking about!
I pray our Boys in Black and Gold will come through
Sure we have boudin, get you some, boo.
My family and friends are gathered around.
Man, I just love that “Who Dat?” sound.
Us little Cajun “Who Dats?” are all fired up!!!
Hey you, yes you, make sure you spit in that cup!
Oh yes, I can just see it now. Peyton will be flat on the ground!
Are y’all ready there in the kitchen for another round?
Bless you Boys! Sean and the other coaches too.
You guys are already champs to us, Drew and crew!
Hey y’all can somebody stir that gumbo?
Come on now,

“Who Dat?” !! We Believe!!  Geaux Saints!! Geaux!!

 by Sharon Denise Talbot


Sticky: Vote for Drew!

 Drew Brees and his wife became acquainted with the Patrick F. Taylor Hope Lodge a couple of months back after a visit there and have taken it on as one of their primary charity projects.  He and his wife have been very involved.

 Pepsi is awarding millions of dollars in grants across the country this year for various projects.   Here’s an on-line contest where you can vote on a grant Drew Brees submitted for the Hope Lodge.


    Please select the link and vote for Drew 

KuKoo for Krewe du Vieux

Mardi Gras is not just a day but a whole season in the Big Easy.  Even on the other side of the state where I grew up we had heard about the fabulous New Orleans Mardi Gras.  Like I mentioned before, I am from a small town, the kind of town where our Mardi Gras consisted of a trail ride, chicken chasing and a gumbo and dance at the Catholic Hall.  A one day event. 

Imagine how thrilled I was to attend my first New Orleans Mardi Gras parade and know this was only the beginning a two week plus extravaganza of parades and parties.  I was lucky because I had hard-core native New Orleanians to show me the ropes (and the ladders) of parade going NOLA style.  Over the years I have done the balcony suite on Bourbon, reviewing stand on St. Charles, and fought the crowds on Canal with the best of them.  What I hadn’t done was the Krewe du Vieux parade.  Well, I can now check that off my “to du” list.     

The full name for this Krazy Krewe is the Krewe du Vieux Carre. The parade starts out in the Marigny and makes its way through the Vieux Carre or French Quarter. It is one of the first parades of the New Orleans Mardi Gras season. This walking parade uses mule or human drawn handmade floats as well as showcasing a large number of New Orleans’ best marching bands. It is noted for wild satirical and adult topics, nothing is off limits, everyone is fair game and it is definitely not one for the kids.  Just to give you an idea, in 2006, less than six months after Hurricane Katrina made landfall, Krewe du Vieux was the first Mardi Gras parade to come through the streets of New Orleans. The theme that year was “C’est Levee”.  I mean just take a look at their mission statement:

Krewe du Vieux Mission

The Krewe du Vieux is a non-profit organization dedicated to the historical and traditional concept of a Mardi Gras parade as a venue for individual creative expression and satirical comment. It is unique among all Mardi Gras parades in the city because it alone carries on the old traditions of Carnival celebrations, by using decorated mule-drawn floats with satirical themes, accompanied by costumed revelers dancing in the streets to the sounds of jazzy street musicians. We believe in exposing the world to the true nature of Mardi Gras—and in exposing ourselves to the world. 

Put this one on your parade planner for next year.  It is Mardi Gras madness at its kraziest, Krewe du Vieux Krazy that is.  One Krewe member summed it all up for me  ‘‘the devil made ‘em do it!” 

By Sharon Denise Talbot

Saints Fans – Fashion Savvy

  My Mom is one special lady. She has tirelessly tried to teach me by word and deed how to be a nice person.  So for the better part of my life with her words of “Denise, if you can’t say anything nice, just don’t say anything!” ringing in my head, I have had to bite my tongue.  A lot! This has been particularly hard for me considering my secret job – you know the undercover one with the Fashion Police (FPD).  Sometimes there is plenty to say, but more often than not, nothing nice!

Good news y’all! While on patrol in NOLA town I observed a marked increase in a particular fashion trend.  From head to toe, black and gold is the theme to the extreme!
With our beloved New Orleans Saints finally on their way to the Super Bowl these “Who Dats!” are “Saintcessorized” to the teeth (no really, to the teeth). After being temporarily blinded by a particularly unbelievable “grill” I was able to really take note of some of the coolest, compliments to any Saintsational Fan ensemble ever put together.  Who Dat!  is not just a battle cry these days, it is all the rage! (Speaking of rage – NFL, can you spell M- A- D, but that’s a whole nother story!  Who Dat!) This “fashion statement” is on everything from hats and t-shirts to permanent tattoos.
I just had to pull one girl over (no, not to issue a citation) to interrogate her about the vintage bottle cap necklaces she had on her person.  It turns out that Dana of Chromatic Creations has got her hands on the last 400 old Jax brewery bottle caps!  She has created extraordinary necklaces with a black and gold fleur de lis on a white background inside of the vintage cap and hung them on an adjustable black cord.  Very chic and affordable, so I would suggest you get them while you can.
With my FPD shift coming to an end, it does my little Saint lovin’ heart good to see how well everyone is color coordinated in the Crescent City.  Purses, flags and even the normally water-colored stained glass fleur de lis sun catchers have gone black and gold in LaBreesiana. Bless you Boys! Thanks for an easy day on the job.  Geaux Saints!!!

By Sharon Denise Talbot

Visit chromatic_chic@yahoo.com for your vintage Jax Brewery/Saints bottle cap necklace.

Saints Go All the Way remix

be sure to check out our second video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9xDu3uzkKmQ Request this on on your favorite stations. Send me an email at fredlaurenclark@gmail.com for a FREE MP3 for a limited time. …

Doreen – The Clarinet Queen

Where can you go to catch a world class musical performance with plenty of room to dance? The 700 block of Royal Street is where it’s happening.  You’ve got Rouses’ (the old A&P) grocery, a regular stop for French Quarter visitors and locals alike. Across the street is Forever New Orleans, and Alex Beard recently opened an art gallery a few doors down on the corner of Royal and Pirates Alley (you can actually watch him paint in the window sometime, very cool).   Gallery 713, a local favorite, is opposite him.   But the crowd in the street is gathered around a group of local street musicians known to frequent this block.   They are here to see the Queen.  
Doreen and her husband Lawrence Ketchens have been international ambassadors for New Orleans music and culture on radio and televisions around the world. While they are available for weddings and special events, Doreen and her band of jazz musicians have been bringing their brand of music to the Crescent City streets for twenty years or so.  A fixture on this stretch of Royal they will have even the most rhythm challenged tapping their feet and moving to the beat.

As Doreen says in one of her songs “I’m the Queen of the clarinet, been around the world ain’t heard better yet” and I say “Amen!”  The group has several CD’s available for purchase.  You can visit their website:  www.doreensjazz.com 

These show stealers will capture your hearts with just one stanza of their rendition of “Little Liza Jane” as they did mine.   It is obvious these amazing performers play for the absolute love of it because their heart and soul are in every note.

Stop by and hang out with Doreen, Lawrence and the crew next time you find yourself on Royal Street.   Hey y’all, don’t forget to leave a little something in the bucket! 

By S.D. Talbot

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