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    78s – NOLA – Milt Raskin’s Hollywood Ragtimers

    Nola Song Felix Arndt – 1915: What the Mississippi Rag is to piano ragtime, Nola is to the genre of Novelty piano solos. While actually not a true novelty rag, it was certainly a pioneering effort in that direction and one of the most well known pieces of a style that would ultimately become a display of pianistic prowess. Arndt started out as a self-taught pianist and later studied with some of the best teachers in New York. He became a staff musician for the Duo-Art reproducing piano company, cutting many spectacular rolls totaling 3000 in all during his short tenure there. Nola was composed for his fiance of the…

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    Balanced Life

    http://www.realcoachingradio.com How do you attain a balanced life? http://www.rcrn.info Duration : 5 min 15 sec

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    Do some Hurricane Katrina survivors think we owe them rent for the rest of their lives?

    Hurricane Katrina Hurricane Katrina occurred in 2005 and people are still getting rent subsidies. Shouldn’t they have moved along by now, it  is 2011? Were they a government dependent class before the Hurricane – is this just a continuation of the entitlement mentality? http://www.nola.com/news/index.ssf/2009/02/end_of_rent_help_is_a_disaster.html “End of rent help is a disaster for many Hurricane Katrina victims” Hurricane Katrina is creating a feeling of entitlement. yes, yes and yes…. we reap what we sow… in this case, a Big Brother (government) Will Take Care Of You mindset… and that passes from generation to generation. It’s not doing anyone any favors, since people don’t use their God-given talents and skills to provide…

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    Stop Animation Shot and Edited by Wonmin Lee December 16th, 2007 Duration : 1 min 10 sec

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    Down – Underneath Everything (NOLA)

    Lyrics: Woe to me, battered man Raise the monolith Deities my spirit rise Like days the world forgets – down the Drain – laid to lame A fool-ass hearty bliss Borderline suicide, Celebrate before my death Your promised land divide, That’s why the world lies. I give up. That’s enough. I give up. I’m underneath my life. Dog in heat, beware the street Its there you’ll meet your end Poverty is not for me, But I’ll take her back again To prove a point, To laugh it off, to cross you off my path, Grip the night, pull the cord, A much inspired wrath. Your promised land divide, That’s where…

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