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    The Train They Call The City of New Orleans

     We have all heard one version or another of the song “The City of New Orleans”.  The song performed by the likes of Arlo Guthrie, Willie Nelson and John Denver was actually written by Steve Goodman about riding the rails in an observation car.   I knew the song but had never ridden a train, much less a renowned Pullman, so you can imagine my excitement when I had the opportunity to do just that.  My husband was invited to a business function being held on the railcar, and spouses were included.  Think Jim West and Artemis Gordon’s ‘rail-ride” on Wild, Wild West, but better. Built in 1927 by the…

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    Lenny Kravitz at Gallery 713

          LENNY in New Orleans Doin’ it in New Orleans. Now on my way back to the Bahamas to finish the album. Lenny. Song: “Do It” from the forthcoming album. Also featured in the movie “Precious.” Film by Mathieu Bitton/candytangerine.com Length:4:47 Check out this video of Lenny in the French Quarter with my pal Heidi Young and her dog Schucki.  This is not Lenny’s first visit to Gallery 713 while in New Orleans. He actually has and wears on stage one of Dana Tharp’s badass voodoo doll t-shirts.   Told y’all this place ROCKS!!  On your next NOLA visit make sure to visit Gallery 713.  On top of the super cool art…

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    question about safety in new orleans?

    I’m a med student new to new orleans. I live on St. Charles avenue in a nice apt complex which is safe, but I don’t know the city very well and have just moved down here. I lived in the suburbs most of my life so i really don’t have any street smarts, and I was used to walking home from bars at 4am alone no probs. From what I hear, although crime is overall high in NOLA, it is very concentrated within bad areas and neighborhoods. Any tips for avoiding crimes? I rely on my GPS alot so I worry it could be giving me the fastest routes, but…

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    Life is wonderful!

    http://www.orteo.net (408) 892 2615 Email: tortiz@orteo.net hey how are you hope this video makes sense to you please give me your comments thanks.. Duration : 57 sec

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    Does anyone know if there are any positive stories from people who escaped NOLA in the wake of Katrina?

    We all remember the images & stories from New Orleans because of Hurricane Katrina. There were countless displaced families and ruined lives. Does anyone know someone who has come out better from leaving New Orleans? Has anyone escaped poverty with a better job or opportunity? Only positive & serious stories relating to Katrina please! I for one have been affected in a positive manner by Hurricane Katrina. My faith in God had strengthen. Throughout the ordeal, my faith that God’s providential care for me never wavered. Some of the people in the shelter where I was, were full of worry and fear, and were literally running around like the proverbial…

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    Life Lesson

    If you could share with the world your best life lesson, what would it be? Bo to www.mylifebrand.com to take the challenge! Use veoh@mylifebrand.biz as your "Sponsor Email" to register. Duration : 30 sec

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    Life in New Orleans

    In order to prepare for my trip to China, I put together a quick clip of the culture of New Orleans. This is a prelim but it looks like this will be it b.c I am getting lazy? Just to recap what the vid encompasses, it has one sandwich, some different sounds, glimpse of beignets, the city of New Orleans, and street performers breaking. Duration : 0:6:16

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    Quint & Nola – Nola In The Hospital (part 1/14) – Guiding Light 1982

    Guiding Light – September 1982 – Nola In The Hospital Continued from Silas Kidnaps Nola (part 16) Tony, Bea, Maureen, Hillary and Quint are at the hospital waiting for news on Nola. Tony is telling the women about Nolas ordeal and Quint is sitting apart from them, looking like hes going to pass out. The gash on his head from where Helena hit him with the crowbar is dressed with gauze. Hillary notices that he doesnt look good and goes over and asks if hes all right. Of course, he says hes fine then says hes not fine and he wont be until he has some word that Nola is…