Absinthe Anyone?


Winding down a fun Friday night in the French Quarter, our little posse was headed back to our respective lodgings with all the best intentions. At least until we happened by Pravda, a Decatur Street bar.   Someone mentioned Absinthe, someone else mentioned it was legal again, someone else wanted to try it and before you know it we were sitting watching the bartender prepare this glass dispenser with spouts around the sides. Water was dripped from the spouts over sugar cubes into reservoir glasses of spirits and then set on fire.  It was really cool to watch but since licorice is not one of my favs, I didn’t particularly care for the taste.  The peculiar,  mysterious story of Absinthe on the other hand had me very curious.

So where do you go to find the truth about Absinthe?  To the Absinthe Museum of America on Royal Street, of course.  First of all, I found out you don’t burn good Absinthe. Burning is done with inferior Absinthe to burn off impurities and for effect.  Second, you are supposed to see a green fairy.  Would I lie to you?  See for yourself.  The Royal Street Absinthe Museum is a really interesting place with even more interesting people. People like Ted Breaux.  Okay, I know you are thinking what can a New Orleans, Louisiana native, with a name like Breaux possibly know about a drink that was distilled mostly in France in the 18 and early 1900’s.  How about everything or at least everything you could possibly want to know.
You see, Ted is guy after my own heart.  Curious. (or nosy, take your pick). What made Absinthe illegal in the first place?  Did people really go crazy after drinking it? Long story short, a chemical engineer with the tools to reverse engineer pre-ban bottles of Absinthe available to him Ted went to work.   Not only did he find out what went in to making Absinthe, but how to do it the right way and that there was no real reason to make it illegal.  Thanks to Ted’s efforts Lucid Absinthe Supérieure was the first genuine absinthe made with real Grande Wormwood to be legally available in the United States in 95 years.
Ted is now a world renowned absinthe expert and distills in strict accordance to traditional French methods. Lucid is crafted in the historic Combier distillery, founded in 1834, and designed by Gustave Eiffel in the fabled Loire Valley of France. Lucid is distilled entirely from spirits and European whole herbs, and like traditional authentic absinthe, uses no artificial additives, oils, or dyes. Lucid is a versatile spirit ideal for use in both traditional and modern absinthe drinking methods.

Visit Ted and friends at the Absinthe Museum of America at 823 Rue Royal and find out more about this unique drink that was all the rage. Try to catch one of Ted’s lectures and get “the rest of the story”.  The museum also offers scheduled tastings of the real thing. The lectures are great. Get a more knowledgeable, in depth view of the history of Absinthe, you won’t regret it.  Of course, the cocktails are pretty tasty too.

 By Sharon Denise Talbot

New Orleanians: After the Saints victory, would you say this is the best Mardi Gras of your life :)?

Gahhh, I moved out of NOLA in late December… I miss the city so much :((

yes it definitely has been! the saints parade was the best, and the main theme of ALL the parades this year has to do with the saints :)
drew brees was king of bacchus, hartley rode in endymion, and sean payton rode in orpheus…AMAZING!

Bright Lights In The Big Easy

New Orleans has long been a favorite setting for big name producers and newcomers hoping to make theirs big.  The city, the historic French Quarter as well as the surrounding bayou country has so much to offer a production company it is no wonder that some thirty odd movies are scheduled to be filmed here.

 It was awesome to happen on to the filming of the Canal Street car crash scene in the John Cena movie Twelve Rounds during one NOLA visit.  Thanks to a really cool production assistant, a group of us including my nieces and nephews were thrilled to be able to watch up close and personal.

While that was exciting it was even more so when I got an opportunity to actually participate in the new Kate Hudson movie, Earthbound, being filmed in and around the Crescent City.  It is a romantic comedy which includes other names like Gael Garcia Bernal, Alan Dale, Whoopi Goldberg, Kathy Bates and Treat Williams.  In the film Kate has cancer (she had to lose twenty pounds for the role) Whoopi is God, and Gael is the young doctor that Kate falls for. There is no word yet on when the Nicole Kassell directed flick will hit the theater.

Most young girls at some point entertain thoughts of being in a movie.  My three year old granddaughter wants to be a “moo-moo tar” herself!  I have to admit I was no different, but I had put that behind me a long time ago, probably about the same time I put up my Barbie dolls.  So when a friend who was involved in the project suggested that since I was always in New Orleans anyway I should get involved too. I thought “what the heck”,  never really believing it would happen.

What a surprise when I was contacted the same day to take part as an extra (called “background” in the biz) in a Gala Fund Raiser scene of New Orleans supposedly wealthiest patrons being shot at Oak Alley Plantation.  Oak Alley Plantation, a historic property located on the Mississippi River in Vacherie, Louisiana, is a National Historic Landmark.  For a history lover like me this was going to be way cool, but due to the weather the scene was moved at the last minute. We actually filmed the scene at Gallier Hall on St. Charles Avenue.  

The whole behind the scenes experience from wardrobe and make-up to Star orbit etiquette was a definite eye opener for me.  I will never look at movies or some “Stars” in the same way again. About the only familiar terminology to me was “first team” and “second team”.  I knew what it meant in basketball and sure enough it is the same in movies.  First team is the actual Stars and Second team is the Stand-ins (people who resemble the Stars). 

It will be really interesting to see the finished product and what actually makes it into the film. I think I have a fairly good shot since I was included in most of the shooting that day.  There is nothing like having the “clap board” snapped in front of your face. “Quiet on the set, Rolling, Sound, Background”  – and that was the cue for us extras to start our little pantomime party.

It was a hoot!  So much for my illusions of being transformed into a beautiful glamour goddess, the joke was on me.  Look for really big hair!  (because I’m supposedly really rich!  Who knew big hair and big money were synonymous?!)  It took a little while to get used to people coming up to me and messing with my hair and brushing stuff on my face all day.  Overall I met some really great people and heard some very entertaining stories from the veteran extras about past “background” roles. 

It was a fun new experience but an eighteen hour day in heels, with make-up caked on my face and a teased up ball of hair on my head is not my idea of the glamorous life.  Please don’t misunderstand though, even with the minor disillusionment, aching feet and contacts melted on my eyeballs (the lights are really hot and bright) I would gladly answer the call “background” again!

By Sharon Denise Talbot

If the Iberville housing development is ever razed, do you think they should rebuild Storyville?

Anyone who lives in the Nola area should know about Storyville. if not, look here:

There would be tremendous opposition from the existing downtown merchants to building a new "entertainment district" on the site of the Iberville, and particularly from the ones in the French Quarter. That doesn’t mean they want the Iberville to continue as it currently is, but wouldn’t want the direct competition.

Note that the city considered locating the Arena (the basketball dome next to the Superdome) on the site, but it ended up in its current location because construction costs were much less as the Superdome’s air-conditioning system could be co-used by the Arena.

The city also wanted to sell the Iberville to a developer in 1982. The complex would have been renovated and sold as condos. The city would have earned enough from the sale to make a "profit" after paying to relocate the residents. HUD said no because the city would not own the property "free & clear" until 1989 – 50 year bonds were used to build it in 1939. By 1989 the oil industry depression ended the interest in converting the property. There are reports the buildings are no longer salvageable, but I don’t actually know. Certainly they have not had a major renovation in the 60 years since they were built.

Quint & Nola – Silas Kidnaps Nola (part 11/16) – Guiding Light 1982

Guiding Light – August 1982 – Silas Kidnaps Nola

Quint joins Tony in his car at the hiding spot in the cemetery and they wait for Jamie. Tony is nervous his car could be spotted, but Quint is confident theyre well-hidden but will still be able to see Jamie when he arrives to pick up the Golden Cradle. Tony asks if theres another entrance into the cemetery, Quint tells him theres a back way, but its too long and treacherous for Jamie to travel it while transporting the heavy cradle. Still, Tony wants to get out of the car and hide near the gravesite in order to ensure he sees Jamie. Quint decides thats a good idea, but wants to go himself. Tony insists on going.

Helena is creeping around the cemetery and finds the Golden Cradle. She starts opening the crate to remove the cradle but before she succeeds, Tony finds her. He restrains her and reminds her that Nolas life depends on Silas getting his hands on the cradle. Helena fights him and demands he let her go. Aggravated with her fighting him, Tony throws her over his shoulder and carries her away from the gravesite.

Back at the car, Quint remembers his time with Nola in St. Croix and her voice on the phone asking him to do whatever Silas asks. Hes still thinking about Nola when Tony shows up with Helena and deposits her next to Quint on the front seat and climbs in behind the steering wheel, sandwiching her between them. Tony tells Quint what he found Helena doing and Quint says he should have known shed pull something and says she could have cost Nola her life. Quint tells her shell have to stay with them while they follow Jamie. Helena tells him he cant mean that, that Silas will kill her if he sees her. Quint doesnt care. He tells her its too late and shes made her choice. Shell have to remain with them.

Hours later, Helena complains that theyve waited all night and theres still no sign of Loomis. Quint says its probably her fault because he told Silas no one would be in the cemetery and she was there lurking around. Tony goes on foot to check out the cemetery again.

Helena complains that its cold and she wants to go home. Quint tells her thats too bad, that she has to stay with him because he doesnt trust her and never will. Just then, a car drives into the cemetery and Quint turns his attention to it. Helena takes that opportunity to reach into the backseat and grab the crowbar she was using to open the crate. She hits Quint on the head, rendering him unconscious and leaves the car, taking the keys with her.

Quint McCord – Michael Tylo
Tony Reardon – Greg Beecroft
Helena Manzini – Rose Alaio

Duration : 0:8:33

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"Circle of Life"

Performed by Carmen Twillie.

Duration : 4 min 24 sec

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Life is Life

"Life is Life" music video by Laibach

Duration : 4 min 32 sec

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Crown of Life Lutheran Church New Orleans, LA

Crown of Life Lutheran was flooded during Hurricane Katrina. Many volunteers from around the country spent all most two years helping the congregation to rebuild. The church was also used as a staging ground to reach out to the New Orleans area. The congregation recently completed this video in order to let everyone know their back and with God’s help ready to serve.

Duration : 0:8:15

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Mr. Carriere And Knucklehead

New Orleans is filled with plenty of colorful characters. This article “Mr. Carriere And Knucklehead” is just an example of one of them. There are additional links at the end of this article that will lead you to other sites that offer information about New Orleans attractions.


When you come to the New Orleans French Quarter you can’t help but notice the colorful mule drawn carriages throughout the Quarter streets. A relaxing buggy ride is often just the thing for foot weary sight seers, history buffs or romantic couples who want to snuggle a little closer than walking will allow.

These rides also include a narrated tour of the historic French Quarter and the renowned “Cities of the Dead”. No matter how much I think I know about New Orleans there is always more I don’t know. I love visiting with a particular buggy driver and his sidekick, Knucklehead. A virtual walking history book this guy knows his stuff. With thirty-five years of being a NOLA tour guide under his belt Mr. Carriere is as much a Big Easy attraction as the landmarks people flock to the Crescent City to see.

Twelve bucks for a thirty minute ride with someone who knows the streets and the stories as well as Mr. Carriere and Knucklehead is a hell of a deal. If you have never done the buggy ride thing or even if you have, treat yourself to a half hour with a favorite French Quarter fixture. Let Mr. Carriere take you on a scenic ride and regale you with NOLA tales of the past and present. Look for the lavender colored buggy parked in front of Jackson Square, feed Knucklehead a carrot and take in the sights and sounds of the historic Vieux Carre’ with a master storyteller.

The cadence of Knucklehead’s hoofs and timbre of Mr. Carriere’s voice are perfect compliments to the cacophony of sounds that resonant through the French Quarter. With plenty of tours to choose from this one covers all the bases. Informative but interesting, entertaining and amusing this is definitely one for your New Orleans “To Do” list. Enjoy the ride!

By Sharon Denise Talbot


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life is like a balloon

"sUPEREDS 166 weekly internet video" for jan 30 2010 titled "life is like a balloon" sUPERED the internet video artist/street performer billed as the 21 most strangest person on de internet makes a scary video that turns into a funny video about some goofy guy named bo bo balloon one of sUPEREDS characters if you like the color blue you will like this sUPERED video enjoy smile

Duration : 1 min 34 sec

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