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    We Are An Elderly Couple Going To New Orleans And Want To Know Which Tour Groups Are The Best/?

     Tours and New Orleans go hand in hand.  On any given day you can spot numerous tour groups on most streets.  There is a tour for everyone so whether you want history or thrills, fact or fiction, walking or riding, New Orleans tours can accomandate you.     The question was”Which tour groups are the best?  Does any of them pick up at the hotels? Which attractions are the best?”.  Wow, how do you answer that?  It has been suggested that Grey Line is the best overall tour company in New Orleans. They pick-up at most hotels, but you have to check with them to be certain. The much touted…

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    Yo Mama!

    Just off of Bourbon Street, a couple of doors down at 727 St. Peter is the coolest little pit stop with the best jukebox in the Quarter.  Yo Mama’s Bar and Grill is home to ice cold Abita and other beers and cocktails that hit the spot on a Vieux Carre’ cruise. Jumbo burgers piled with your choice of extras like bacon, mushrooms, cheddar and peanut butter (I kid you not) are mouthwateringly juicy.  A burger order includes an oversized loaded baked potato. You lightweights better share with a friend.  You will never finish this mountain of food alone. This time of year there is also spicy hot boiled crawfish. Good stuff!…

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    2015 Red Dress Run in New Orleans

    Have you ever wanted to put on a red dress and run around in New Orleans drinking and partying? Then make sure you sign up for the 2015 Red Dress Run. You must be 21 and wear some version of a red dress but it doesn’t matter if you are a guy or a girl. Just another way to have fun and raise money for charity in the Big Easy. Mark your calendar because registration is now open! Yes you can now register for the 2015 Red Dress Run! For those of you unfamiliar with this phenomenon once a year the New Orleans French Quarter is overrun with people in…

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    New Orleans Pirate Wenches A Pirates Look at NOLA

    New Orleans Rewind to 1977: I was sitting in the back of geometry class with the newest Fern Michaels paperback stuck in my text book. I have always been an avid reader and in those teenage days much preferred romantic fiction to any type of math. (Actually, I still do.) On this day I had an empowering revelation and it wasn’t about how to find the area of a triangle. The historical female lead in this book was not the boringly typical simpering, swooning maid. She didn’t wring her hands and wait to be rescued. This particular lady kicked ass and took names all on her own. Since I was…

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    A Beautiful Life

    Short Animation made in conjunction with musician Monc. Created primarily in After Effects and Flash. © 2008 Monc and Fourchinnigan Productions. Duration : 1 min 17 sec

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    Switchfoot plays Bullet Soul @ New Orleans House of Blues- 11.21.2009

    Switchfoot allowed a member of the audience (named Brandon) to come up and play Bullet Soul after they noticed a sign he was holding asking if he could do so. I’ve seen Switchfoot do this at other shows as well which is another reason that they’re probably my favorite band. These guys know the impact they make on a fan when they help them create this life long memory. Props to Switchfoot, what a great bunch of guys. Duration : 0:3:51

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    New Orleans Outreach “Back to School in New Orleans” Campaign

    Even before the destruction caused by Hurricane Katrina, the educational system in New Orleans struggled. As the city has fought to come back to life, one organization has provided critical education support to New Orleans schools. New Orleans Outreach has matched dedicated teachers, administrators, community volunteers and parents willing to do whatever is necessary to improve public education for children in New Orleans. The number of children that Outreach can help is limited only by funding. During the coming school year, the goal is to increase access to New Orleans Outreachs programs by 20 percent. With a $40 donation, you can give a child a weeks worth of after-school programming.…