"Circle of Life"

Performed by Carmen Twillie.

Duration : 4 min 24 sec

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Life is Life

"Life is Life" music video by Laibach

Duration : 4 min 32 sec

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Crown of Life Lutheran Church New Orleans, LA

Crown of Life Lutheran was flooded during Hurricane Katrina. Many volunteers from around the country spent all most two years helping the congregation to rebuild. The church was also used as a staging ground to reach out to the New Orleans area. The congregation recently completed this video in order to let everyone know their back and with God’s help ready to serve.

Duration : 0:8:15

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Mr. Carriere And Knucklehead

New Orleans is filled with plenty of colorful characters. This article “Mr. Carriere And Knucklehead” is just an example of one of them. There are additional links at the end of this article that will lead you to other sites that offer information about New Orleans attractions.


When you come to the New Orleans French Quarter you can’t help but notice the colorful mule drawn carriages throughout the Quarter streets. A relaxing buggy ride is often just the thing for foot weary sight seers, history buffs or romantic couples who want to snuggle a little closer than walking will allow.

These rides also include a narrated tour of the historic French Quarter and the renowned “Cities of the Dead”. No matter how much I think I know about New Orleans there is always more I don’t know. I love visiting with a particular buggy driver and his sidekick, Knucklehead. A virtual walking history book this guy knows his stuff. With thirty-five years of being a NOLA tour guide under his belt Mr. Carriere is as much a Big Easy attraction as the landmarks people flock to the Crescent City to see.

Twelve bucks for a thirty minute ride with someone who knows the streets and the stories as well as Mr. Carriere and Knucklehead is a hell of a deal. If you have never done the buggy ride thing or even if you have, treat yourself to a half hour with a favorite French Quarter fixture. Let Mr. Carriere take you on a scenic ride and regale you with NOLA tales of the past and present. Look for the lavender colored buggy parked in front of Jackson Square, feed Knucklehead a carrot and take in the sights and sounds of the historic Vieux Carre’ with a master storyteller.

The cadence of Knucklehead’s hoofs and timbre of Mr. Carriere’s voice are perfect compliments to the cacophony of sounds that resonant through the French Quarter. With plenty of tours to choose from this one covers all the bases. Informative but interesting, entertaining and amusing this is definitely one for your New Orleans “To Do” list. Enjoy the ride!

By Sharon Denise Talbot


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life is like a balloon

"sUPEREDS 166 weekly internet video" for jan 30 2010 titled "life is like a balloon" sUPERED the internet video artist/street performer billed as the 21 most strangest person on de internet makes a scary video that turns into a funny video about some goofy guy named bo bo balloon one of sUPEREDS characters if you like the color blue you will like this sUPERED video enjoy smile

Duration : 1 min 34 sec

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Neil Young plays the Beatles’ A Day In The Life’ Live at New Orleans Jazzfest 5/3/09

Neil Young’s first ever New Orleans Jazzfest performance

Duration : 0:1:7

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Balanced Life How do you attain a balanced life?

Duration : 5 min 15 sec

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i have a friend whom i met online he lives in london i live in nola do u think we have a future ?

Yes, any thing can happen : – )

how has gerldo rivera never been killed ?

you’ve got to hand it to him. he’s been around doing his thing for most of my life, putting his life in danger. and now he’s down in nola, playing with a wind speed toy. go geraldo!

I don’t know how he has never gotten injured if only by an ex-wife. Ha ha He goes to all those places and does daring things because he wants to find a niche for himself in the media and talk-shows etc are all taken. So he tries "specials " with himself as the MC. Some are kind of interesting , and others are bust. I agree you have to give the guy credit for hanging in there all these years. He’s is always pleasant too.

New Orleans Outreach “Back to School in New Orleans” Campaign

Even before the destruction caused by Hurricane Katrina, the educational system in New Orleans struggled. As the city has fought to come back to life, one organization has provided critical education support to New Orleans schools. New Orleans Outreach has matched dedicated teachers, administrators, community volunteers and parents willing to do whatever is necessary to improve public education for children in New Orleans.

The number of children that Outreach can help is limited only by funding. During the coming school year, the goal is to increase access to New Orleans Outreachs programs by 20 percent.

With a $40 donation, you can give a child a weeks worth of after-school programming. With a $1,200 donation, you can fund after-school programming for an entire year.

Help us improve the futures of New Orleans children. Share this video with everyone you know who cares about education. Even the smallest donations make a big impact.

Duration : 0:4:33

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