Moving to New Orleans, help?

So, I’ve pretty much been fascinated with New Orleans my entire life. A year ago, I finally got to visit, and I thought maybe going there would get the whole thing out of my system. I was wrong.

I’m in school to become a high school history teacher, and I while I was in NOLA, I cam across an application for a program called TeachNOLA. They basically help teachers from all across the country get in contact with principals in New Orleans by inviting them to a conference once they have a teaching certificate. So that is what I’m planning to do, and I’ll be ready to go in about 2 years. I’m really excited! My boyfriend is coming with me and is planning on going to culinary school to become a chef, while doing some sort of building/restoration work in the meantime, his roommate and rm’s girlfriend are coming with us too so we can stay as a family (his rm wants to work in steel, btw).

So my questions are… What is the outlook for teaching jobs in New Orleans, and these other two as well? Would it be difficult to find work? What would be the best areas for us to try to move to, and what exactly should we do to prepare for this move? We’re planning on going down to stay for a couple of weeks after I graduate, what would you suggest we do while we’re there? Is this even a good idea, or am I insane? We currently live in central KY, btw.

The thing is that you have 2 more years to go so things will have changed by then. Right now the teaching situation is kind of well… Let me put it like this, there are basically two systems operating in NO; the RSD and the Charter schools. There are far more Charter schools than RSD schools. From what I am hearing from former co-workers who are still in the system, there is a power struggle going on to hand the whole thing back over to the Orleans Parish School Board, so far the school board isn’t winning. It seems that the trend is for the RSD schools to become Charter. A friend was moved from a lower grade into an upper grade because they were making the lower grades Charter and will follow those children by grade until the entire school is Chartered.

The problem is that there were teachers in this situation who were placed back in the pool, meaning they were in limbo waiting for a position. There was immediate need for teachers after the storm, but things have settled in a bit. I understand that the economy in NOLA is better than other places in the US, but it doesn’t mean that we haven’t had to cut back a bit and the Orleans Parish teachers I know are worried about cut backs and where they will fit in with this RSD v. Charter system tug of war going on.

That said, I’m not trying to discourage you, after all there are two more years before you graduate. Go for the Teach NOLA program, they are hiring most definitely, but when that does happen make sure you have a principal willing to take you on, (especially seeing how you will be first a first year and will have to be mentored), otherwise you will end up in the pool waiting for a position.

Orleans Parish is known for having a large population of at risk students. You will want to focus your studies on at risk / inner city students, and classroom management. You will need to be flexible, open to a different point of view, and have a sense of humor, to do this job. (Go to and check out the education forums and talk to the teachers there for more detailed info.) One of the biggest advantages that you will have is that you are new to the profession and have a good deal of enthusiasm. While some will not want to take on a neophyte, there are principals out there who want and will welcome new blood, so don’t be discouraged if some turn you away because you are new.

I’m not sure what steel work your friend is looking for, but there are shipyards and oil refineries who are always looking for a good welder.

Sorry so long, but just wanted to put out the whole picture.

Down – Underneath Everything

The song is from the first Down’s album -Nola (1995). I made the video with some cool Down’s photos. Enjoy!

Woe to me, battered man
Raise the monolith
Deities my spirit rise
Like days the world forgets – down the
Drain – laid to lame
A fool-ass hearty bliss
Borderline suicide,
Celebrate before my death
Your promised land divide,
That’s why the world lies.
I give up.
That’s enough. I give up.
I’m underneath my life.
Dog in heat, beware the street
Its there you’ll meet your end
Poverty is not for me,
But I’ll take her back again
To prove a point,
To laugh it off, to cross you off my path,
Grip the night, pull the cord,
A much inspired wrath.
Your promised land divide,
That’s where the world lies.
I give up.
That’s enough. I give up.
I’m underneath my life.
Carry me back from the war
And from the lord.

Can we live it from above…

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Duration : 0:4:47

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Life in a Day Submission – New Orleans Female MMA Fighters

We have left our jobs and are currently traveling the world. On July 24th 2010, we happened to be in New Orleans, Louisiana (NOLA). We went to a local gym, met two very interesting female Mixed Martial Arts fighters and asked them to share their stories with us. They gave us insight into how Hurricane Katrina has affected the personality of NOLA and left behind a fighting spirit amongst the people. This is our submission for YouTube’s Life in a Day.

Duration : 0:9:46

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Life is Beautiful

Life is Beautiful

Duration : 20 sec

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11 – Down – Losing All Live

This is one called Losing All….

Duration : 0:5:28

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Best names for a girl dog?

She’s a rat terrier and she’s sweet and lives in New Orleans. I want a funky NOLA name….and not "Nola"

She is your darling, right? So it is Mon Cher.
A good Cajun, Creole name would be Cher.

Wet, Wild and Wonderful

Spring is festival season in Louisiana and at the New Orleans Audubon Zoo. Soul Fest was last weekend, a colorful celebration of African-American culture. Creole cuisine and soul food mixed with R&B and hip hop kicked off a round of happenings at NOLA’s own “animal house”. I have been to my share of Zoos and believe me when I say Audubon Zoo out shines them all. The Audubon Nature Institute is one class act.

Following directly on the heels of Soul Fest is Earth Fest, Asian Pacific American Society and then popular fund raisers for the Audubon Society, the Whitney Zoo To Do and Zoo To Do for Kids sponsored by Humana. These fundraisers will help underwrite a new attraction at our favorite Zoo called Cool Zoo, an animal themed splash park. Wet, Wild and Wonderful!

Cool Zoo is a new wet and wild splash park right at the Zoo. Highlights include jumping water spouts, a huge alligator (we are in Louisiana after all) water slide, a spider monkey soaker and water spitting snakes just to name a few! The splash park will offer three different splash zones with one specifically for toddlers and younger zoo goers.

In addition to all the custom animal features in the new Cool Zoo, there will be animal sounds in the “Sound Spray” area. When the water sprays you hear matching animal sounds like croaks, bleats, roars or squawks. The Caterpillar sprayer is designed to look like a monarch butterfly and the giant alligator’s tail is the waterslide! This new hot spot will be located between the Endangered Species Carousel and the Embraceable Zoo. Construction should begin soon. So get ready for some Cool Zoo fun.

Another exciting new attraction set to open this summer is Parakeet Pointe. Located at the Aquarium of the Americas, this will be an 800 square foot tropical environment and home to more than 1,000 free flying parakeets! For an even closer encounter, purchase a feed stick for a dollar and feed the bright beautiful little birds. These guys are all naturally curious and playful. The kids and you kid-like adults will love it!

By Sharon Denise Talbot

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The Life of Faith

Message by Pastor Henry Mahan

Duration : 27 min 20 sec

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air quality in new orleans?

I WAS planning on moving to New Orleans next month… I just read an article about how horrible the air quality is in places a little south of Nola. How the air burns your eyes, and makes you feel dizzy after a few minutes. It also said that people who live on the golf coast should run as fast as they can before theyre exposed to toxic chemicals in the air.

Is this all true? I really love New Orleans, and was looking forward to starting a life there.

not true maybe in China but not New Orleans

the only time you might be exposed is if you lived next door to a chemical processing plant but otherwise, you won’t run into that at all

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