Cowboy Mouth- Love of my Life- 7/29/2004

Cowboy Mouth, Live at Ribfest, Minneapolis, MN
Love of my Life

Duration : 0:7:0

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In The Mood For Life – Voice Interview (Directed by Pierre Jampy)

Voice takes a break from shooting a music video to discuss in detail the concept behind the Wax Tailor collaboration for the song “This Train” feat Voice and Ali Harter from Wax Tailor’s 3rd LP IN THE MOOD FOR LIFE.

Duration : 0:2:44

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Life in New Orleans

In order to prepare for my trip to China, I put together a quick clip of the culture of New Orleans. This is a prelim but it looks like this will be it b.c I am getting lazy?

Just to recap what the vid encompasses, it has one sandwich, some different sounds, glimpse of beignets, the city of New Orleans, and street performers breaking.

Duration : 0:6:16

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If the Iberville housing development is ever razed, do you think they should rebuild Storyville?

Anyone who lives in the Nola area should know about Storyville. if not, look here:

There would be tremendous opposition from the existing downtown merchants to building a new "entertainment district" on the site of the Iberville, and particularly from the ones in the French Quarter. That doesn’t mean they want the Iberville to continue as it currently is, but wouldn’t want the direct competition.

Note that the city considered locating the Arena (the basketball dome next to the Superdome) on the site, but it ended up in its current location because construction costs were much less as the Superdome’s air-conditioning system could be co-used by the Arena.

The city also wanted to sell the Iberville to a developer in 1982. The complex would have been renovated and sold as condos. The city would have earned enough from the sale to make a "profit" after paying to relocate the residents. HUD said no because the city would not own the property "free & clear" until 1989 – 50 year bonds were used to build it in 1939. By 1989 the oil industry depression ended the interest in converting the property. There are reports the buildings are no longer salvageable, but I don’t actually know. Certainly they have not had a major renovation in the 60 years since they were built.

Life is wonderful! (408) 892 2615 Email: hey how are you hope this video makes sense to you please give me your comments thanks..

Duration : 57 sec

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Have You Ever Went To A Mardi Gras Parade?

Where and how was it?

I’ve been to many, my whole life(NOLA) and I’ve never seen girls flash lol. That is such a tourist thing.
If no, would you want to?

nope i hear they are really fun~!

tatoo artists of the south?

I fell in love with this tattooo

I am trying to find a great artist with a similar style…good shading/blending, play on positive/negative/white space, and ghosted images. I don’t want a lot of line work, mostly just shading and blending of colors.

Anyways, I’m willing to travel from New Orleans to Tampa. Any suggestions? Found one guy in NOLA I might use. May even consider Texas- my mom lives there. I travel a lot so finding someone outside of my smaller city is an option.

Shaw’s Tattoo Studio
1660 Westheimer Rd
Houston, TX 77006

Dragon Master’s Tattooing
3640 Barranca Ave
Pensacola, FL 32507

Mean Machine Tattoo
3415 S. Dale Mabry
Tampa, FL 33629

Ink Slinger’s Domain
7105 N Armenia Ave
Tampa, FL 33604

Electric Ladyland Tattooing
610 Frenchman St
New Orleans, LA 70116

Switchfoot plays Bullet Soul @ New Orleans House of Blues- 11.21.2009

Switchfoot allowed a member of the audience (named Brandon) to come up and play Bullet Soul after they noticed a sign he was holding asking if he could do so. I’ve seen Switchfoot do this at other shows as well which is another reason that they’re probably my favorite band. These guys know the impact they make on a fan when they help them create this life long memory. Props to Switchfoot, what a great bunch of guys.

Duration : 0:3:51

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New Orleans Allstars “Funkify Your Life”

New Orleans Allstars (George Porter Jr., Ivan Neville, Johnny Vidacovich, Theresa Andersson) at the 8th Annual Bayou Rendezvous – The Howlin’ Wolf – April 30, 2010

Duration : 0:7:55

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A Beautiful Life

Short Animation made in conjunction with musician Monc. Created primarily in After Effects and Flash.

© 2008 Monc and Fourchinnigan Productions.

Duration : 1 min 17 sec

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