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WSP NOLA 10-28-01 Sandbox

NOLA 10-28-01 Sandbox

Duration : 0:7:25

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Down – Swan Song (NOLA)


My time, all my life
Some way, I saved
The memory, the pending,
The family, surround me

A god given time,
A god given gift of life.
A time to take away,
To kill the pain,
To give me to the ground.

The pills, the windowsill
Razor blade, great escape
So lonely, the feeling,
The slipping, the bleeding

Good lord where are you found?
Carry judgement way underground
I hear you laughing out loud
Should’ve changed my way by now…


A god given time,
A god given gift of life.
A time to take away,
To kill the pain,
To give me to the ground.

Duration : 0:3:35

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Life Is Good in New Orleans

A short PSA

Duration : 0:0:33

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11 – Down – Losing All Live

This is one called Losing All….

Duration : 0:5:28

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Crown of Life Lutheran Church New Orleans LA

Visit with the pastor and members of Crown of Life Lutheran Church in New Orleans, LA. Here you are treated like family. This video will give you a taste of what awaits you at this friendly Christ centered Christian church in New Orleans.

Duration : 0:8:15

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Anyone been to Petunia’s in New Orleans French Quarter??

OK. I swear this restaurant had THE BEST food I have ever had, anywhere, hands down. Problem is that it’s been 3 years and I just can’t seem to replicate their recipe for Eggs Melanzana. It was a breaded and flash fried piece of eggplant with a piece to ham on top Like a was a smoked meat specific to the area), then a poached egg and then a kind of sauce. Has anyone had this? Does anyone remember better what it consisted of? Anyone know someone who works at Petunia’s or lives in NOLA? I’d almost be willing to PAY for an answer to this one!! We were on our honeymoon & I’d love to re-create it for our anniversary breakfast. Thanks SO much for any info you might be able to give me!

Here is a link that list a booklet that has their actual recipe that you can purchase. (if you scroll down it mentions it specifically is in the booklet and not the video)

Also found this description of it
At Petunia’s, it’s eggplant for breakfast in the Eggs Melanzana dish featuring eggplant rounds breaded with Italian breadcrumbs and deep fried, covered with grilled tomato and grilled sliced ham, topped with homemade hollandaise and a shake of Parmesan.

Trophy Scars – Nola (New Orleans, LA)

PART 3 of 3.
I fly back down to Michigan
Bring the picture of the key
I show the locksmith Nigel
And then he laughs at me

The key is something digital
He can’t recreate
So I track her down to New Orleans
To ask her on a date

Man I should’ve done this
A way long time ago
I pretend it was an accident
When I’m at the same hotel

“Hey there, miss, remember me?”
“We used to have a ball.”
She tells me she’s excited
And agrees that we should talk

Let’s have a drink
Let’s have a talk
Let’s meet at your room at nine
So we do
We drink some wine
We talk about old times
Then she cries
Says her sorry
I tell her that it’s fine
I move in close
I hold her tight
I tell her to relax or


This is for
Breaking me
Leaving me
Stealing keys
Comes to an end

I don’t see
Why I should
When she
Didn’t for me

Too late

I didn’t mean to kill her
But I gone done did it
I wish I could’ve told her
It was all over
Love, love, love
And money

So I grab her bottom lip
I pull her mouth wide open
Then I pull out my key
It was covered in
Stom – ach
Ac – Id

Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
Then I book my flight
I head back to Geneva
I don’t believe in God
But I do believe I’m evil

Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
I think about my life
I ponder my decisions
I walk into the bank
With 20/20 vision

Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
I open up my lock box
I only found a note
It reads “I’m sorry that I left you”
“But you have been set up, love..”

Rub my eyes and turn around
Sure enough I had been found
two guys approached me
Put a gun to my head
They told me how lucky
I am to be dead
I kneel down and feel a pinch
All I taste is smoke and soot

Don’t trust
Your luck

Played my cards and now I see
This whole time she was playing me
The only people you can trust
Are in control of your blood’s luck

Duration : 0:6:32

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Do you think the movie "match point" portray the human nature well?

Frankly, i think Nola Rice(Scarlett’s character) had it coming when she started pressuring him to the point of threatening to go to his wife/ruining his life of luxury. She should have known that it was simply an affair for her anyway because all he/she did all the time was having sex behind Chloe’s back. At least his wife have a life with him in a sense.

I believe when a man is pushed to the line where he must decide if he is going to lose everything he had for a woman that he simply lust for sex with. He will choose the life of luxury instead. Like him said in a movie, if he chose her, what is he going to live, to be what, to do as what? it’s not worth it.

I think it’s more about choosing between what people are saying he should have and the rebellion against it….
and she so didn’t "have it coming", jeez there’s not a contract or guidelines when you enter into an affair, she was totally in her right to ask the lunatic to be with her…

Hot Chip – One Life Stand (Voodoo Experience 2010 New Orleans)

Ratchtastic Chip, New Orleans, Voodoo Experience, Halloween, NOLAHot Chip – One Life Stand (Voodoo Experience 2010 New Orleans)

Duration : 0:3:26

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