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    New Orleans Saints Free Agency News

    The 2017 Saints and Free Agency               There has been a little bustle activity in the New Orleans Saints camp in recent days. The big question is how much did the roster actually improve and which players will be in the crosshairs in the NFL draft?  With the first week of free agency done there are still probably more questions than answers but everyone has an opinion. The consensus is without the NL draft and what has happened so far in NOLA since the calendar year for the league has begun point to an improvement over the 7-9 version of the Saints from the last three seasons. …

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    Pop The Cork At Effervescence

    Grand Opening of the French Quarter’s New Champagne Bar   Pop The Cork At Effervescence     No putting the cork back in the bottle now. The cork is well and truly popped and the French Quarter’s very own Champagne bar is now open for business. Last night we had occasion to attend the grand opening of Effervescence. Located at 1036 N. Rampart, Effervescence is conveniently on the edge of the historic French Quarter, right on the Ursuline street stop for the new Rampart streetcar line and an easy hop off the interstate for those commuting via Uber or Lyft. The grand opening celebration will last through the weekend so…

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    Subrosan is Coming…….

      New Orleans Hey y’all!  Things are getting hot here in New Orleans! No, I’m not talking about the New Orleans Saints controversy.  Hot off of the editor’s cutting board is a new trailer for the dark adult drama Subrosan! Check it out below!  We have talked about this amazing independent web series before and in the words of one of the main characters “It’s about to get exciting!”  A scheduled release date of April 19th has been set for the first episode with subsequent episodes to follow once a week. Subrosan was conceived and written by Dwayne Coots. It is being produced by the Subrosan Entertainment Group, a collective of actors and creative…

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    Resource Guide For Plaquemines Residents Affected by BP Oil Spill

     FYI:   If you live in Plaquemines Parish this is info you want to keep handy.   See Release below.  Sharon Denise Talbot  Plaquemines Community Foundation Publishes Free Resource Guide For Plaquemines Residents Affected by the BP Oil Spill   New Orleans, LA (August 5, 2010)— Formed in 2007 following in the wake of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, the Plaquemines Community Foundation has published “The Plaquemines Community Resource Guide”.  The purpose of the publication is to provide a directory of services for the residents living in and around Plaquemines Parish whose lives have been affected by the Deepwater Horizon Gulf oil spill.    The board of directors that comprises the Plaquemines Community Foundation…

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    Talkin bout Zenni

    People here in NOLA have been shouting ”Who Dat?!” in the streets for a long time but more recently there are talking about something else. The high cost of eyeglasses. I’ve got news, people. Stop the whining and complaining about the prices you have to pay for a pair of eyeglasses . You need to know about Zenni Optical. Because Zenni manufactures its eyeglasses in China there is a waiting period. With these prices you will be glad to wait, I guarantee, Cher The prices at Zenni range from a mere eight bucks, that is correct, eight bucks, to forty dollars a pair at the high end. When considering your…

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    Need Time in NOLA?

    My time spent in New Orleans is never long enough. I find myself constantly checking my watch willing the minutes to stretch to days. On any given visit I can’t tell you how many times I look at my watch. There is nothing like Seiko Kinetic Watches . I love the way this beauty looks strapped to my wrist. Without it I feel absolutely naked. If you find yourself in the market for a new watch I would recommend shopping at www.bluedial.com . They have a wonderful array of watches to choose from at the most reasonable prices. Who Dat? Do Dat! says “this is the place to go when…

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