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    Where is a good and cheap place to park when walking through the French Quarter?

    I have a friend coming down this weekend and she wants to walk through the French Quarter. On my own trips I used to walk from my Dardy’s house but she no longer lives close by. Where can we park that is cheap or atleast safe? We don’t mind having to walk a while. Thanks! Anywhere you pay to park will be safe. Cheap isn’t so easy and you will probably have to pay about $10 for “all day”. That is a LOT better than getting a ticket (min $20) or being towed (min $100). I usually park in the Canal Place parking garage (300 block of Canal Street). There…

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    Fiorellas Fabulous Fried Chicken

    If you are in New Orleans and you want to try a local favorite then this article “Fiorellas Fabulous Fried Chicken” looks at a great choice. There are additional links below with other great food choices when you are in New Orleans. People come to New Orleans for all kinds of reasons and for some that reason is food.  If you love food there are few places better than N’awlins to indulge that passion. I always get the question, “Where can I get good food in New Orleans?”  Now really, how am I supposed to answer that?  Just about anywhere you turn are some really great places, but if you…

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    Big Easy Artist – Jon Guillaume

    New Orleans  Practically one of the first people I met when providence brought me back to the Big Easy a few years ago was Jon Guillaume.  I imagine a fish must feel a lot like I did that day when he sees that tempting bait dangled in front of him.  While strolling through the French Market on a perfect spring day I spotted this fabulous framed black and white of a shrimp boat from way across the Market.  Hook, line and sinker, he reeled me in right then and there.  I’ll be a fan for life. Now my Paw-Paw was a shrimper, a fisherman from way back.   My Mom actually lived the…

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    Mr. Carriere And Knucklehead

    New Orleans is filled with plenty of colorful characters. This article “Mr. Carriere And Knucklehead” is just an example of one of them. There are additional links at the end of this article that will lead you to other sites that offer information about New Orleans attractions.   When you come to the New Orleans French Quarter you can’t help but notice the colorful mule drawn carriages throughout the Quarter streets. A relaxing buggy ride is often just the thing for foot weary sight seers, history buffs or romantic couples who want to snuggle a little closer than walking will allow. These rides also include a narrated tour of the…

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    The Story of Milk Studio – It Does a Body Good

    Gather round my friends and you will hear the story of a Louisiana couple who persevered.  Once upon a time Mindy owned a lingerie shop on Decatur Street in the New Orleans French Quarter.  In the wake of Hurricane Katrina the city was in turmoil, and full of construction workers who didn’t need lingerie.  Desperate to save her retail space Mindy put the same artistic talent she had used to do the graphic designs on her lingerie to use on handcrafts.   Enter David the limo driver. Katrina also did a number on David. Leaving 10 feet of water in his home and making the need for limo drivers, even…