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Absinthe Anyone?


Winding down a fun Friday night in the French Quarter, our little posse was headed back to our respective lodgings with all the best intentions. At least until we happened by Pravda, a Decatur Street bar.   Someone mentioned Absinthe, someone else mentioned it was legal again, someone else wanted to try it and before you know it we were sitting watching the bartender prepare this glass dispenser with spouts around the sides. Water was dripped from the spouts over sugar cubes into reservoir glasses of spirits and then set on fire.  It was really cool to watch but since licorice is not one of my favs, I didn’t particularly care for the taste.  The peculiar,  mysterious story of Absinthe on the other hand had me very curious.

So where do you go to find the truth about Absinthe?  To the Absinthe Museum of America on Royal Street, of course.  First of all, I found out you don’t burn good Absinthe. Burning is done with inferior Absinthe to burn off impurities and for effect.  Second, you are supposed to see a green fairy.  Would I lie to you?  See for yourself.  The Royal Street Absinthe Museum is a really interesting place with even more interesting people. People like Ted Breaux.  Okay, I know you are thinking what can a New Orleans, Louisiana native, with a name like Breaux possibly know about a drink that was distilled mostly in France in the 18 and early 1900’s.  How about everything or at least everything you could possibly want to know.
You see, Ted is guy after my own heart.  Curious. (or nosy, take your pick). What made Absinthe illegal in the first place?  Did people really go crazy after drinking it? Long story short, a chemical engineer with the tools to reverse engineer pre-ban bottles of Absinthe available to him Ted went to work.   Not only did he find out what went in to making Absinthe, but how to do it the right way and that there was no real reason to make it illegal.  Thanks to Ted’s efforts Lucid Absinthe Supérieure was the first genuine absinthe made with real Grande Wormwood to be legally available in the United States in 95 years.
Ted is now a world renowned absinthe expert and distills in strict accordance to traditional French methods. Lucid is crafted in the historic Combier distillery, founded in 1834, and designed by Gustave Eiffel in the fabled Loire Valley of France. Lucid is distilled entirely from spirits and European whole herbs, and like traditional authentic absinthe, uses no artificial additives, oils, or dyes. Lucid is a versatile spirit ideal for use in both traditional and modern absinthe drinking methods.

Visit Ted and friends at the Absinthe Museum of America at 823 Rue Royal and find out more about this unique drink that was all the rage. Try to catch one of Ted’s lectures and get “the rest of the story”.  The museum also offers scheduled tastings of the real thing. The lectures are great. Get a more knowledgeable, in depth view of the history of Absinthe, you won’t regret it.  Of course, the cocktails are pretty tasty too.

 By Sharon Denise Talbot

Visiting New Orleans with the kiddies?

I’m visiting New Orleans for about a day…maybe two with my kids, all teens. We want to show them some of the interesting sites but being that they’re kids they wont be all too interested in the WW2 museum or the like. Too much like school i suppose lol. What would you all recommend, specifically, that we should definatly check out? Of course we want to eat at some point in the day but I’ve read about most of those must see places…I’m looking more for things like sites or attractions, like the wax museum or the zoo? Any other cool places? Hidden secrets or little known places would be nice to hear about :)

How about Mardi Gras World

Insectatorium, Zoo, aquarium

Maybe take a carriage ride around the city. You can pick them up at Jackson Square.

You could do a swamp tour.

Or perhaps the wax museum

Go to a baseball game, its affordable and fun.

Rock and bowl is fun for the family

or even just hop on the streetcar and go for a ride. Have Fun!

Voodoo, ghosts and pirates! Is Cajun country, New Orleans, really still a spooky, authentic creole enclave?

Or is it just a sprawling city like many others?

That is to say, is the place steeped in a Caribbean/Cajun/Creole vibe and some genuinely interesting voodoo history, or is the voodoo stuff nothing more than a tourist attraction from a long forgotten past?

I heard the Voodoo temple was really just a shop on one of the main streets.

I would not say the city has a Caribbean vibe but it does have a true voodoo and ghost history. There are tours you can take that give you some of the history and they are well done.

I think what you were referring to some feel is touristy but its interesting.

Though this is just a portion of the city and it offers a lot for visitors to do.

If you want to do a night in cajun country and a tour this place is great.

Wildlife Gardens Bed and Breakfast and Swamp Tours

Bright Lights In The Big Easy

New Orleans has long been a favorite setting for big name producers and newcomers hoping to make theirs big.  The city, the historic French Quarter as well as the surrounding bayou country has so much to offer a production company it is no wonder that some thirty odd movies are scheduled to be filmed here.

 It was awesome to happen on to the filming of the Canal Street car crash scene in the John Cena movie Twelve Rounds during one NOLA visit.  Thanks to a really cool production assistant, a group of us including my nieces and nephews were thrilled to be able to watch up close and personal.

While that was exciting it was even more so when I got an opportunity to actually participate in the new Kate Hudson movie, Earthbound, being filmed in and around the Crescent City.  It is a romantic comedy which includes other names like Gael Garcia Bernal, Alan Dale, Whoopi Goldberg, Kathy Bates and Treat Williams.  In the film Kate has cancer (she had to lose twenty pounds for the role) Whoopi is God, and Gael is the young doctor that Kate falls for. There is no word yet on when the Nicole Kassell directed flick will hit the theater.

Most young girls at some point entertain thoughts of being in a movie.  My three year old granddaughter wants to be a “moo-moo tar” herself!  I have to admit I was no different, but I had put that behind me a long time ago, probably about the same time I put up my Barbie dolls.  So when a friend who was involved in the project suggested that since I was always in New Orleans anyway I should get involved too. I thought “what the heck”,  never really believing it would happen.

What a surprise when I was contacted the same day to take part as an extra (called “background” in the biz) in a Gala Fund Raiser scene of New Orleans supposedly wealthiest patrons being shot at Oak Alley Plantation.  Oak Alley Plantation, a historic property located on the Mississippi River in Vacherie, Louisiana, is a National Historic Landmark.  For a history lover like me this was going to be way cool, but due to the weather the scene was moved at the last minute. We actually filmed the scene at Gallier Hall on St. Charles Avenue.  

The whole behind the scenes experience from wardrobe and make-up to Star orbit etiquette was a definite eye opener for me.  I will never look at movies or some “Stars” in the same way again. About the only familiar terminology to me was “first team” and “second team”.  I knew what it meant in basketball and sure enough it is the same in movies.  First team is the actual Stars and Second team is the Stand-ins (people who resemble the Stars). 

It will be really interesting to see the finished product and what actually makes it into the film. I think I have a fairly good shot since I was included in most of the shooting that day.  There is nothing like having the “clap board” snapped in front of your face. “Quiet on the set, Rolling, Sound, Background”  – and that was the cue for us extras to start our little pantomime party.

It was a hoot!  So much for my illusions of being transformed into a beautiful glamour goddess, the joke was on me.  Look for really big hair!  (because I’m supposedly really rich!  Who knew big hair and big money were synonymous?!)  It took a little while to get used to people coming up to me and messing with my hair and brushing stuff on my face all day.  Overall I met some really great people and heard some very entertaining stories from the veteran extras about past “background” roles. 

It was a fun new experience but an eighteen hour day in heels, with make-up caked on my face and a teased up ball of hair on my head is not my idea of the glamorous life.  Please don’t misunderstand though, even with the minor disillusionment, aching feet and contacts melted on my eyeballs (the lights are really hot and bright) I would gladly answer the call “background” again!

By Sharon Denise Talbot

Great New Orleans Attractions

New Orleans Attractions

Great New Orleans Attractions

Great New Orleans Attractions

It seems as if everything my family use to go to down there is closed like Six Flags. I really can’t find anything that I think would entertain a bunch of college students. We are going down there to volunteer but of course we have to have fun while we are down there helping. What are some happening places down there? Please take this question seriously, don’t reply with an answer if its not helping. I will report you because its in the rules.

There’s still tons of great shopping and eating to be done in New Orleans, to say nothing of all the great music there is to be heard. The French Quarter shops are mostly open, as are the Warehouse-Arts District and Magazine Street shopping district. And the festival season will kick off Labor Day weekend with Southern Decadence.

Before you go, visit the Offbeat or Gambit Weekly web sites and check the entertainment listings for the shows, clubs and festivals that will be going on while you’re there.

Catch a show by one of New Orleans’ brass bands. Some of the best brass bands are New Birth Brass Band, Rebirth BB, Forgotten Souls BB and Soul Rebels BB. It’s a mix of jazz, funk, hip hop & sometimes r n’ b that’s great for dancing, and truly captures the spirit of the city.

Every Sunday, at Tipitina’s, there’s a Cajun Fais Do Do from 5pm-9pm. If you can, go one evening that features Bruce Daigrepont. His band is one of an elite few that are preserving the true spirit of Cajun music while updating it and making it relevant for a modern audience. Even if you don’t know anything about Cajun music, it’s worth going just to watch everybody dancing and to see this historic club. 501 Napoleon Ave.

Go to Mid-City Lanes, for bowling, music or both. They have lots of great rock, funk and zydeco shows, and you can bowl even if the band is playing. Geno Delafose, George Porter and Snooks Eaglin are among the best acts that play here pretty regularly. 4133 S. Carrollton Ave.

Go on a Haunted New Orleans tour with New Orleans’ greatest tour guide, Robert Florence. His company Historic New Orleans Tours is the best in town. I promise you won’t regret spending a couple hours with him as he tells ghost stories about the city. Tours happen daily, rain or shine. Visit the web site for the full list of available tours.

The Audubon Zoo & Aquarium have reopened

The Ogden Museum of Southern Art, a Smithsonian affiliate, has great folk, primitive and outsider art exhibitions.

Visit Blaine Kern’s Mardi Gras World. It’s a little bit hokey, but it’s still fun to see the factory where many of the Mardi Gras floats are made and view them up-close.

You could try to catch a Tulane University football game:

Eat muffalettas at Central Grocery, 923 Decatur Street.

New Orleans Attractions

The French Quarter New Orleans Louisiana

New Orleans is a city for fun year around and for the young and old. This post shows that. There are additional links to things to do in New Orleans below.

Who Dat Do Dat - The French Quarter New Orleans Louisiana

Who Dat Do Dat – The French Quarter New Orleans Louisiana

New Orleans

Fun Things To Do In New Orleans In Or Near The French Quarter

1. The World War II Museum - The WWII museum wants to make people aware of the sacrifices, teamwork and courage exhibited by the men and women who served in WWII.

The National World War II Museum

2. The Louisiana State Museum - The Louisiana Museum was founded in 1906. The mission of the Louisiana State Museum is collect, preserve, interpret and present the state’s rich history and diverse cultures.

Louisiana State Museum

3. Audubon Insectarium - At the time of this article, one of the newest attractions in the French Quarter is The Audubon Insectarium. The Audubon Insectarium is one of the must see attractions for kids. They will learn interesting facts about insects and enjoy a little insect meal.

Audubon Insectarium

4. Ride The St Charles Streetcar - You can take the street car to get almost anywhere you want. The Regional Transit Authority (RTA) operates three streetcar lines: the famous, historic St. Charles line, the Canal Street line, and the Riverfront line. All lines either run along or intersect with Canal Street in the area between the French Quarter and the Central Business District (CBD) connecting Uptown/Garden District, Carrollton, Mid-City, City Park and the Marigny. The RTA is currently adding more Streetcar lines. Simply click on the link below and check schedules and maps to see where the street car can take you.

New Orleans RTA

5. The Sydney and Walda Besthoff Sculpture Garden at NOMA – Enjoy the home to more than 60  sculptures created by artists from all around the world. The garden is open 7 days per week. Admission is free. The Sculpture Garden is closed on all legal holidays. – The Sydney And Walda Besthoff Sculpture Garden


Trip Advisor – Things To Do In New Orleans

Yelp – Must Do Things In New Orleans



New Orleans

New Orleans The City For Fun

I went to visit some relatives the past few days, and while I was there I took some videos of the French Quarter New Orleans. Just to show you what it’s kind of like in The Big Easy aka New Orleans.


New Orleans

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USBWA Final Four Breakfast in New Orleans

New Orleans


 See you in New Orleans!

Sharon Denise Talbot


New Orleans

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When Looking for New Orleans Hotels Try the Bienville House

New Orleans Hotels

New Orleans Hotels

New Orleans Hotels Bienville House

There are many New Orleans Hotels but for a Boutique Hotel in the very heart of New Orleans there is one that holds a higher standard, The Bienville House on the edge of the French Quarter. It is a very distinctive property with style and grace.

The Bienville House has all of the unique elegance of a French Quarter Manor, it is unique in the New Orleans Hotels. A crystal blue pool is surrounded by a flagstone courtyard and is overlooked by many of the room’s wrought iron balconies. There are four sundecks for you to relax and savor the ambience.

This lovely hotel started as a grain warehouse but it has gone through many manifestations since then to become the boutique hotel it is today the queen of New Orleans Hotels.

In the beginning it was Planter’s Rice Mill, then Thompson’s Rice Mill and Southern Syrup Manufacturing. Then, in 1985, the building was completely transformed into the North American Hotel. The original advertising stated it was a delightful summer residence for Ladies and Gentlemen. Unfortunately the hotels owners went their separate ways and the building was divided into a boarder’s hotel and a fire house. Then it was converted to 20 luxury apartments and started the rival of Decatur Street. In 1972, after surviving a fire from across the street, it was purchased by the Monteleone Family.

The location of the Bienville hotel on Decatur Street mixes the old and new of the charming French Quarter. With its lovely wrought iron balconies this intimate property is the closest to the French Quarter and therefore many attractions are close by. Some of them include Aquarium of the Americas, Canal Place Shopping Center (including Saks Fifth Avenue and Brooks Brothers), Woldenberg Park, IMAX Theater and the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center. From this New Orleans hotel you can be spellbound by the stars at the Hard Rock Café while still enjoying the historic French quarter with it’s many famous eateries and scenery.

From this splendid location you can find antique shops, New Orleans’s signature Jazz Clubs, famous restaurants, beautiful historic buildings, voodoo shops, museums, the wharf and more. Just blocks from the exciting 24 hour Bourbon Street, you can find spectacular antiques and art galleries on Royal Street.

AAA has awarded it the coveted Three Diamond title and the Bienville is a member of the Historic Hotels of America. This boutique hotel consistently works hard to go beyond the standards that are demanded of that title.

They have a restaurant, the Louisiana Heritage Café that also serves as a school of cooking. In its casual setting it offers seafood, pasta, soup and salads in the New Orleans tradition. Some of Chef Faroldi’s dishes include Seafood Beignets with Remoulade Sauce, Blackened Catfish topped with Crawfish Etouffée and the famous “Rajun Cajun” Omelets. It is located on the first floor of the hotel and serves three meals a day.

The culinary lessons at the Louisiana Heritage Café can be for individuals or groups. Anyone can attend these lessons. The delicious fare is typically Cajun and Creole and while the chef is preparing the dishes he offers historic stories that will compliment his presentation.

For the business person Bienville House Hotel has a charming space for small meetings or parties for up to 100 guests. In the board room, which will hold 12, you can see the historic roots of this New Orleans Hotel in the exposed brick from the 1800′s. Within this board room you will find all of the amenities, like a wireless internet, and a wide range of AV equipment. The Vieux Carre room has 1,318 square feet available for larger meetings. All catering needs will be met by the staff at the Louisiana Heritage Café.

After your business meetings, the location of the Bienville House will delight your fellow attendees. With attractions like Bourbon Street, Jax Brewery, Jackson Square, the Mississippi Riverfront, Harrah’s Casino and the Canal Street and St Charles Avenue Streetcar lines your peers will have plenty of things to occupy them. With it’s proximity to New Orleans Central Business district the Bienville House  is one of the New Orleans Hotels, most prestigious addresses it’s a natural for any business person.

They have what they call The Corporate Executive Option to give all business travelers a satisfying experience. Then, after a successful day, the business traveler is mere steps from the city’s greatest restaurants, jazz establishments and shops. This plan offers the best rates with superior accommodations and many amenities. In your room you will find plenty of space to work with large desks, phones with data ports and cable TV. Included in this option is express check-in and check-out. You can count on the staff’s support to help arrange a small meeting or a corporate reception. You couldn’t do better than these elegant surroundings with state of the art equipment. Even business travelers will enjoy staying in New Orleans Hotels.

When you use the Corporate Executive option you have many benefits. Some of them include, valet parking, a USA Today paper each morning, complimentary faxing, same day laundry and dry cleaning and 500 miles per stay on their specified air partners. There are these and many more amenities within New Orleans Hotels.

With all of these benefits and a very Tony address, give the Bienville House Hotel a try when you are thinking of booking into one of New Orleans Hotels.

This article may be distributed freely on your website and in your ezines, as long as this entire article, copyright notice, links and the resource box are unchanged.

Mary Hanna has traveled the world by Air and Ship while writing eBooks, Software Reviews and Practical Articles on Internet Marketing, Cruising, Gardening and Travel. Visit her websites at: and You can read more of her articles at

Mary Hanna

New Orleans Hotels offer some unique opportunities for the enjoyment of this amazing city.

New Orleans Hotels

French Market – New Orleans, Louisiana, United States

French Market New Orleans

French Market  New Orleans

French Market New Orleans For Shopping – Created at by TravelPod Attractions

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French Market  New Orleans

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