New Orleans Attractions

Justin Marsalis Kicks Off Fall Concert Series for THNOC

The weather is perfect for a courtyard concert!  The Historic New Orleans Collection begins their fall concert series. Check out the info below.  See you in NOLA.

Sharon Denise Talbot

Jason Marsalis to headline October 15 concert
Southern Eagle providing Avia wine and Heiner Brau beer 
WHO:             The Historic New Orleans Collection
WHAT:           Concerts in the Courtyard featuring Jason Marsalis
                        With Avia Wine and Heiner Brau beer provided by Southern Eagle
WHEN:           October 15, 2010
                        6:00–8:00 p.m.; rain or shine
                        Doors open at 5:30 p.m. In the event of rain, concert will be moved indoors.
WHERE:        The Historic New Orleans Collection, 533 Royal Street, in the French Quarter
HOW:             Admission is $10 at the door, free for THNOC members.
Admission includes three complimentary beverages. Guests must be 21 or older to enter.
                                    *Memberships begin at $35 per household and are valid for one year.
WHY:              The Historic New Orleans Collection’s fall concert series continues on Friday, October 15, with a performance by Jason Marsalis and beverages from Southern Eagle distributor, including Avia Pinot Grigio and Chardonnay and Heiner Brau beer.
Jason Marsalis, the youngest son of pianist and music educator Ellis Marsalis, Jr., is well known for his prodigal drumming. As a drummer, Marsalis collaborates frequently with his father and his brothers Delfeayo and Branford. When he is not filling the drum chairs in these groups, Marsalis performs as a vibraphonist with his own quartet and with musicians such as Shannon Powell, Irvin Mayfield and others.
Southern Eagle is a beverage-based wholesaler and distributor of Anheuser Busch products and its alliance brands throughout southeastern Louisiana. Avia wines come from Slovenia, just across the Italian border, where they benefit from the Mediterranean climate and the warm breezes of the Adriatic Sea. Heiner Brau is a Covington-based microbrewery owned by German brewmaster Henryk Orlik.
Admission to the concert—$10 for the public, free for members of The Collection—includes three complimentary cocktails. Household memberships begin at $35 per household and are valid for one year. Guests must be 21 or over. For more information, call (504) 523-4662 or visit

Mind of a Gangsta

Mr. Keith Rhodes is on a mission to support the efforts of law enforcement and the community to control gang activity in the city of New Orleans. His background as a criminal investigator and trainer of police around the country and in a number of foreign countries will be brought to bear on the violent and intimidating gang activity in Southern Louisiana. During this time of clean up in the city of New Orleans, cleaning up criminal activity among our young people is paramount in its restoration to one of the greatest tourist attractions in the world.

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Hot Coffee In Cool New Orleans

New Orleans

Hot coffee and chill surroundings

By Written by Charles Duffy III on January 13th, 2011 .3

Few people know that 80% of the coffee in the United States comes through the port of New Orleans. The Big Easy has been and always will be a city that loves it’s coffee. It has been rumored that the coffee break was invented in New Orleans! So to do a review of a coffee shop should come as no surprise. Of the dozen from which I could choose I thought I would review the very place in which I am currently sitting: Flora’s. Flora’s resides in the Marigny on the corner of Royal and Franklin streets. They feature great food, wonderful coffees and a truly bohemian atmosphere.

A large Ethiopian or French Roast coffee will run you around $2! There is a shady outdoor porch for those sultry summer days, local art, wi-fi and computers (for those who didn’t bring their own), one of the last working pay-phones in the world and a great selection of noshes. Their menu includes an amazing breakfast deal, soups, burritos, hummus, gyros, cake, bagels…a little bit of everything all at very reasonable prices! This is one of those truly New Orleans bastions of creativity and congeniality far far away from the touristy center of town. Here you will meet the true New Orleanians of all ages and walks of life. Make sure to drop in on Wednesday evenings around 6:30pm for their Backgammon Tournament!

New Orleans Flora's

New Orleans Flora's

New Orleans

New Orleans

Going to New Orleans with kids?

Which are some attractions that are cheap, or free specially for kids in Lousiana (Specially around New Orleans) We’ll be there for two weeks. Help!

okay im from new orleans and to be truthfulllyy honest there are lots of fun cheap things in new orleans for children to do
im 17 years old ha ha ha but loveeee kids stuff

Audobon Zoo
Aquarium of The Americas
Insectarium (awesomeee)
I-max theater
—-> the site for all of the above

Louisiana Childrens Mueseum ( i love it there)

National World War II Mueseum (very educational)

City Park
the kids will love to feed the ducks and Loveee Story Land especially for kids 8 and under its going to be like a disney land for them

Mardi Gras World

There is alot more in new orleans for kids to enjoy believe me….
I still havent done it all lol
go to
to find attractions , tourist must sees, 5 star resteraunts, hotels and much more
im sure out of all the things i listed abbove you will find somthing your kids will enjoy during your stay..

have a awesommme trip here in New Orleans….
check out the sites i gave you :)

New Orleans?

I want to visit Nola in a month for a anniversery and I want to make sure it’s up and running so it would be worth my time. Also, any attractions/restaurants that I should experience? Thanks

I was there in November and yes, it is up and running! The people is warm and nice, and the food is wonderful. I was there on a convention, so I did not have too much time to tour around, but the French Quarter is beautiful and it was not affected by the hurricane. Have fun and support Nola!

Welcome Ta New Orleans!!!

Long vid!!!

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Madisonville homes and attractions

homes and ares of interest in Madisonville Louisiana

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Should i travel to New Orleans in this holidays?

I heard from CNN the crime rate in New Orleans is really high.

Should I travel there in this coming Christmas holidays?

What are the places of attraction there?

Actually it’s the murder rate that’s high and not the crime rate. Almost 98% of the serious violent crime (murders & shootings) in New Orleans happen within the illegal drug community (mainly crack cocaine) and the other 2% are "domestic" homicides. That doesn’t make the crimes OK but the average resident or visitor doesn’t have to worry about it. Other crime in NOLA is at or below the national average. All you need in New Orleans is the same basic common sense needed in every city in the world and you will be fine.

Things to do in New Orleans:

Mardi Gras and the Jazz Festival are world famous events, but New Orleans hosts many festivals and celebrations throughout the year:

The Saint Charles Streetcar is the oldest continuously operating street railway in the world and is a "tourist attraction" in its own right. It is part of the public transit system, as are the Canal Street and Riverfront streetcar lines:

There is always music, but the bands change: Go to and click on Music then Listings or to and click on Listings, then Music.

Note that music clubs often advertise "No Cover", meaning there is no charge for entering. However, clubs with "No Cover" often require that customers buy a beverage each for every "set " of music (which can be every 20 minutes) so KNOW THE PRICE before you sit down. Clubs do that because some people will sit in the club all evening drinking nothing (clubs only make money from the drinks they sell – not from the music). It is also a good idea to pay for each round of drinks (in clubs on Bourbon Street) as it is delivered so there can’t be any confusion at the end of the evening.

An incomplete guide to bars & clubs:

About certain alcoholic beverages: Realize that some famous drinks are VERY potent compared with regular cocktails that have only 1 to 1 ½ ounces of alcohol. For example, a Hurricane is basically 3 or 4 ounces of rum in something like red Kool-Aid, and a Hand Grenade has at least 4 ½ ounces of Everclear + rum + vodka mixed with melon liquor. They don’t necessarily taste like an alcoholic beverage and it is easy to over-indulge.

Wander around the French Quarter, enjoy the architecture, watch the street entertainers (do tip), and visit some of the historic buildings that have been turned into museums (go to and click on Historic Attractions).

Assuming the weather is good, you can collect a sandwich lunch and eat in the riverfront park (watch the shipping) or in Jackson Square (a very nice park).

The Riverwalk shopping center has an air-conditioned food court with dining overlooking the river ( The Canal Place shopping center is in the French Quarter and has a cinema and higher-end shopping (Saks 5th Avenue, Brooks Brothers, etc.). Magazine Street is a miles-long shopping district:

Louisiana is the only US state that offers tax-free shopping for international visitors:

The lobby for the Westin Canal Place Hotel is on the 11th floor and overlooks the French Quarter. It is a great place for an afternoon drink/snack:(

Cafe du Monde is in the French Quarter and you shouldn’t miss having cafe au lait & beignets ( Another great coffee shop is the Croissant d’Or (at 615 Ursulines Street), which is open from 7:00am to 2:00pm and has food in addition to pastry.

The Palm Court restaurant is very nice, has moderate prices, and traditional live jazz starting at 8:00pm: 1204 Decatur Street, tel 504-525-0200 (reservations are important and they are not open every day). The Palm Court is closed from about July 25th to about September 25th each year.

Maximo’s Italian Grill has great food and atmosphere: 1117 Decatur Street in the French Quarter, (504) 586-8883.

All of the famous restaurants (Antoine’s, Arnaud’s, Brennan’s, Commander’s Palace, etc.) have reopened. The Pelican Club (on Exchange Alley in the FQ) is not as well known but is the same type experience. Reservations are a good idea, and probably essential on weekends. Tujaques Restaurant (823 Decatur Street) is very traditional and has moderate prices:

Cafe Degas is a very French restaurant near City Park at 3127 Esplanade – which is not within walking distance of downtown (5 to 10 minutes by taxi). They are closed on Mondays & Tuesdays (504-945-5635).

The Napoleon House restaurant is at 500 Chartres Street in the FQ, and has a menu of great local dishes:

Preservation Hall has traditional live Jazz, and doesn’t serve alcohol so all ages are welcome:

New Orleans has ballet, opera, a symphony orchestra, and theatre:

There is a free ferry across the Mississippi at the "foot" of Canal Street. It is a short trip but like a harbor cruise w/o a guide:…

The Aquarium, Audubon Zoo, and the new Insectarium are world-class attractions ( and you should see them if you can. The Zoo is several miles from downtown. You can drive to the Zoo (which has free parking) or take public transit from the French Quarter.

The Louisiana State Museum is in the French Quarter: New Orleans is also home to a number of other museums, such as the National World War II Museum ( and the New Orleans Museum of Art ( Both can be reached by public transit: The WWII museum is in the central business district but a long walk from the French Quarter. NOMA is not within walking distance of downtown but has free parking. Go to for info on more museums.

Harrah’s Casino is in the Central Business District: (age 21 required for entry)

New Orleans City Park has a variety of attractions + free parking. City Park also presents "Celebration in the Oaks" from late November to early January: (

Check for ideas about other things to do.

Hope you have a great time!

New Orleans Moments Of Mystery

New Orleans Moments Of Mystery

New Orleans Moments Of Mystery

New Orleans Moments Of Mystery

When you live in New Orleans, especially the New Orleans French Quarter, you have to be prepared for the unique and unusual. One of my favorite things about New Orleans is its uniqueness. There is always something going on, constantly changing craziness, but yet somehow in all the craziness, the same.   I love sitting at a favorite sidewalk table at a favorite dining spot with my favorite dinner companion.  I have the same evening view of Decatur Street but the dash of different is the constantly changing scene.  Taxis. cars, trucks, motorcycles, horse and buggies, delivery vans and bicycles make up the constant flow of traffic. The flow of people is just as eclectic.  I might and usually do see people I know and definitely some I don’t and still some I don’t care to know. The cool part is meeting new, interesting people that I want to know.  Usually it is because they stop to ask about what is in my plate, or maybe they want directions or even on ocassion because their dog wants to know what is in my plate.

New Orleans Moments Of Mystery

The New Orleans Moments Of Mystery Lady In Red

Even though I have seen some very interesting and definitely different sights sitting on that same corner, I have never before left my table and chased one of those sights down to find out who and what they were.  That is until last night. I told y’all I am nosey, but I don’t think many of you would have let this one walk by without asking the obvious questions: ‘Who are you?” and “What are you doing?”.

Let me be the first to introduce you to the “Mystery Monger”.

The Mystery Monger walks around the New Orleans French Quarter in the early or sometimes late evenings offering up “Moments of Mystery”.

For two American dollars you can have your own personal “Moment of Mystery” and where better than the historic Vieux Carre’ that is shrouded in the same.

New Orleans Moments Of Mystery

The New Orleans Moments Of Mystery Lady And Mark Talbot

In a cigarette box tray hanging around the Mystery Monger’s neck are assorted, multicolored plastic Mystery (aka Easter) Eggs.  Once you have handed over the price of your “mystery” you get to pick an egg, any egg. I was told each egg holds something different.  Since I only sprung for one, I can only pass on what I was told.

New Orleans Moments Of Mystery

The New Orleans Moments Of Mystery Surprise

Next time you are hanging out in NOLA and spy this mysterious creature, add a little mystery to your evening and purchase your very own Moment of Mystery from the Mystery Monger.  For you nosey people like me, who are hanging on the edge of your seat dying to know what was in my egg, I will share:

Dryer Lint.  Oh, excuse me, two dollars worth of Dryer Lint.

You gotta love this place!  Only in New Orleans!

By Sharon Denise Talbot

Editor of Who Dat Do Dat

People To See, Places To Go, Things To Do In New Orleans Louisiana

NBA Playoffs Game #7 San Antonio Spurs @ New Orleans Hornets

Visit for sports, horse, casino and poker gaming action 24/7/365! The NBA Playoff series between the San Antonio Spurs vs. New Orleans Hornets resumes on Monday night and I just absolutely positively LOVE my betting pick in this one. Enjoy the video everybody!

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