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Austin Wins ‘best’ in Many Categories

When you think of the term “big city,” the words, ‘crowded,’ ‘polluted,’ and ‘dangerous’ might come to mind. Normally, the capitols and major cities of any state are the places that hold statistics for the highest crime and violence rates.

It is smart to be cautious of these factors, and anyone who opts to live in these areas is probably more aware of their surroundings than someone who lives in a safer, less violent neighborhood.

Austin is the capitol of Texas. When considering the three adjectives used above to describe a major city, especially a capitol of a state, some contradictions present themselves.

Austin is not heavily populated. It is actually ranked at a distant 4th place after Houston, Dallas and San Antonio. Austin, El Paso and Ft. Worth are grouped very closely together in populations. As far as pollution goes, Austin is one of the most environmental-friendly cities in the United States. In a recent study, Austin is ranked within the top 27 cities for preserving the environment.

Lastly, in comparison to other major cities in Texas, Austin’s violent-crime and property-crime-rates are significantly lower than those in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Galveston, and South Padre Island. Additionally, in comparison to other US cities, Austin is ranked lower than:

Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Francisco, Long Beach, Chicago, Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Miami Beach, Daytona Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Kansas City, Atlantic City, Jersey City, Las Vegas, Reno, Cleveland, Detroit and Memphis.

Other major cities were not ranked much lower than Austin in regards to these stats. Most of the cities were ranked about the same.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, a lot of people opt to live in major cities because of the attractions they offer. Cities are magnets for popular restaurants, shops and other features that are unique to that particular city. For example, people are attracted to Las Vegas because of the gambling, casino scene. Those are unique features of Las Vegas that cannot be found quite the same in any other place.

Austin is similar to other cities. Its attractions are varied, and are distinct from any other Texas, or US city in the country.

A stream of night clubs, a world-renowned music-scene, hippies, and colorful, enthusiastic football fans are only a few aspects of the city that stand out. Austin is an extraordinary place to visit, and an even better place to live. You will feel at home right away.

More information on Austin property and places to live,visit for information on locations, pricing and features of anywhere in Austin.

Joe Devine

New Orleans People One Life Stand

New Orleans People

New Orleans People

New Orleans People

Ratchtastic Chip, New Orleans People, Voodoo Experience, Halloween, NOLAHot Chip – One Life Stand (Voodoo Experience 2010 New Orleans) One of the many unique New Orleans People.

New Orleans People

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New Orleans Saints vs Tampa Bay Bucs Kickoff

New Orleans

New Orleans Saints looking good. Bucs won the toss and got the ball first, but New Orleans Saints scored first. Go New Orleans Saints. Who Dat?!

New Orleans

Best New York City Attraction: Music Under NY

Don't miss a unique NYC event video; MTA's Music Under New York; Tap Dancing Fools and the Crazy Piano Guy on Union Square's NYC Subway station Distributed by Tubemogul.

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Wyndham Avenue Plaza Resort-Celebrate Mardi Gras Stay in New Orleans Hotel near Bourbon Street


Wyndham’s Avenue Plaza Resort hotel keeps you close to all the New Orleans excitement but away from most of the crowds and commotion. Youll stay in a quieter area of the city that’s only minutes from the popular French Quarter. With on-site concierge service available to you, you’ll find an endless playground in “The Big Easy – world-famous for jazz music, great restaurants, fabulous shopping and unique attractions.

Avenue Plaza Resort, located in the picturesque Garden District off St. Charles Avenue, offers studios and one-bedroom beautifully furnished suites with fully-equipped kitchenettes. Experience the outdoor courtyard swimming pool, with jetted soaking tub attached, on the landing to “The Ashley House,” an antebellum home that is owned by the resort. Visit the resorts rooftop sun deck to enjoy a spectacular view of the city. If youre interested in a juicy steak, fresh seafood or gumbo, Mr. Johns restaurant, located in the lobby, really hits the spot.

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Napoleon House – New Orleans, Louisiana, United States – Created at by TravelPod Attractions

TripAdvisor™ TripWow Napoleon House New Orleans to New Orleans by TravelPod Attractions.

Title: Napoleon House New Orleans

Cities visited on this trip:
– New Orleans, Louisiana, United States

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“Napoleon House #1″
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“Napoleon House #2″
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“Napoleon House #3″
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“Napoleon House”
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Fiorellas Fabulous Fried Chicken

If you are in New Orleans and you want to try a local favorite then this article “Fiorellas Fabulous Fried Chicken” looks at a great choice. There are additional links below with other great food choices when you are in New Orleans.

People come to New Orleans for all kinds of reasons and for some that reason is food.  If you love food there are few places better than N’awlins to indulge that passion. I always get the question, “Where can I get good food in New Orleans?”  Now really, how am I supposed to answer that?  Just about anywhere you turn are some really great places, but if you are looking for the best fried chicken in the Big Easy it has got to be Fiorella’s. Hands down.  If you don’t believe me just ask Southern Living Magazine.

Fiorella’s is located across from the New Orleans French Market at 45 French Market Place, but also has an entrance on Decatur St.  The menu is quite extensive and includes some traditional N’awlins fare like over stuffed po’boys and thick, spicy gumbo. It even stretches to things like Liver and Onions, pastas and fried pickles to name but a few.  If you don’t feel like getting out, no problem, Fiorella’s delivers in the French Quarter. You really should make the effort to dine in though; the experience is as enjoyable as the chicken and the tab is easy on the wallet .

My suggestion is find a seat and order a big frosted goblet of beer and a plateful of piping hot, crispy fried chicken and prepare to be amazed by this kickin’ chicken.  Just another little tip, let the pieces of the crispy golden brown skin crumble into the bowl of warm home-made mashed potatoes covered in brown gravy.  Yum.  Are you hungry yet?  Fiorella’s is a fun, casual place with the feel of being at your Mom’s for a big family meal.  Don’t be surprised if you are carrying on a conversation with the whole dining room between mouth watering bites.

This is a favorite hangout for locals, and you never know who might stop in. Fortunate are the New Orleans visitors who find out about Fiorella’s fabulous fried chicken before they leave town.  You can bet it will be one of their first stops on the next trip.  Steaming hot from the first piece to the last this chicken is worth a return trip all by itself. We are talking a whole new degree of finger-licking!

By Sharon Denise Talbot


Open Table – French Quarter Restaurants – New Orleans Dining Guide


What is cheap and fun to do in New Orleans?

Me and my boyfriend are taking a senior trip, and are still only considering New Orleans. We’re worried it won’t be in our price range ($300 ish). Are there any fun, romantic, scary, gorgeous spots? I’m big on haunted towns, and i’ve heard there are some attractions. Romantic, well i’m sure that explains itself: nice sunset locations, clean cheap hotels… Fun, festivals? I would even enjoy old plantation houses and pretty architecture. I have gone to websites, but never really find anything about prices.

Well $300 isn’t much anywhere, but if you are looking for some fun things to do on a budget try: The French Quarter, the Audubon zoo, Audubon Park, the Aquarium of the Americas, The River Walk, any historic tours, the Lakefront, Streetcars, City Park, Art Museum, Museums, sightseeing, and alot more than I can list.
I don’t know about cheap hotels, area is major concern; sure you can get a cheap place but it may be in a bad neighborhood or on the wrong side of town. As for Festivals, Louisiana is full of them; if you can think it they have it, just pay attention to ads and local listings.

Just be careful in some areas, it can get pretty rough in some parts. I think you should set you’re price range a little higher, because you have to consider Parking, Food, and Hotel fees as well.

Chicago Top 10 Attractions sung by Michael Buble

Chicago Top 10 Attractions based on votes from
Song by Michael Buble – Moondance

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DesCours AIA New Orleans

New Orleans

Sharon Denise Talbot

AIA New Orleans along with the Downtown Development District, the city of New Orleans, the Louisiana Architecture Foundation and numerous private businesses held the fourth annual architecture and art event called DesCours. this event is free of charge and open to the public.   Held the second week of Decemeber this event invites internationally renowned architects and artists to create 15 architecture installations within “hidden” locations in the heart of New Orleans.  This Art Scavenger hunt takes you to private courtyards, rooftops, abandon buildings and walkways. All locations normally unseen, inaccessible or unseen by the public.

Descours is unique in that it provides a platform for experimentation within the architecture field, showcasing architecture installations that use new materials, methods, technology and interactivity.  It is an opportunity to view contemporary designs in a historic setting.  DesCours provides much more than a series of innovative architecture installations, in that it also invited musicians to perform nightly within the sites.  This pairing of local musical talent, historic settings and inventive architecture installations offers a truly one of a kind experience. 

New Orleans

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