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New Orleans Boot Camp and Personal Training new orleans boot camp and personal training program

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:: Video Exclusive: Forever New Orleans

New Orleans

Amazing performance

New Orleans

jazz of New Orleans, check it out. Find out more

The Heart of New Orleans 1

Some very talented friends talk about what makes music in New Orleans great.

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As I was walking up to the area in New Orleans where Dave and around a dozen other homeless people were sitting on a sidewalk the local police were making them move. At first I thought how rude. It was over 100 degrees and they were trying to find shade by a local church. But then on another street the officer was nicely talking to the homeless people and telling them an alternative location. Turns out the church does not want homeless people on their sidewalk. Well, that's an easy fix. Open the door and allow them to cool off inside. But that's another story.

Dave says life on the streets is "hot, dirty, grimy". He talks about the local rescue mission charging $5 per night. There has been lots of controversy about this. On my last night in NOLA I was told by someone in the know that the reasoning behind this is because of budget concerns. The mission is out of money and had to make this change to stay open. Still seems kind of off to me. Especially if you charge people $5 to attend a church … Distributed by Tubemogul.

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New Orleans Locals! What is your favorite thing to do in the French Quarter?

Obviously as locals we all dont do the tourist thing in the French Quarter but wondering who has the best local ideas for things to do in the French Quarter for other LOCALS!

Browse the art galleries on Royal Street. You would be surprised what you find in there, especially the print galleries. There are some really cool and crazy prints in those. Some are very cheap, like under $15 for vintage Mardi Gras posters.

Golf Betting Has Its Risks And Rewards

Probably the only thing more difficult and frustrating than gaining a degree of proficiency at playing golf is trying to make a buck betting golf. As the PGA Tour tees it up for the start of another season this month, it’s a sober fact of betting that no matter how you slice it–into the rough, into the water, into the woods, beyond the hazard–earning a profit through golf betting may be the most absurdly arduous and unrewarding task facing a prospective sports bettor.

Consider that if you place a future book wager on a major tennis tournament where there are 128 entrants, such as Wimbledon or the US Open, your choice has to beat just seven players. The other 120 are eliminated by someone else.

The same thing happens in the NFL playoffs where a team need beat just three or four opponents to claim a Super Bowl championship. The NBA and Major League Baseball have similar formats, where most of the teams are eliminated by someone other than the eventual winner.

About the closest thing to golf is a NASCAR Nextel Cup race, where your driver has to beat 42 other competitors.

But a typical golf tournament features about 150 players, meaning the man on whom you placed your wager, has to beat every one of them.

Given those overwhelming odds, then, why play?

The answer, of course, is because the payoffs can be so large. For example, of the 48 regular season events on the 2006 PGA Tour, 17 of them were won by players returning a three digit reward to the bettor. An additional nine tournaments went to players whose odds ranged from 40/1 to 80/1.

The list of bountiful winners is headed by J.B. Holmes, who captured the FBR Open, Feb. 5, and Chris Couch, who won the Zurich Classic of New Orleans, April 30, each at odds of 250/1.

Kirk Triplett (Chrysler Classic of Tucson, Feb. 26); Aaron Baddeley (MCI Heritage, April 16); Brett Wetterich (Byron Nelson Championship, May 14); Ben Curtis (Booz Allen Classic, June 25 and 84 Lumber Classic, Sept. 17); Dean Wilson (The International, Aug. 13); and Eric Axley (Valero Texas Open, Sept. 24), all scored at odds of 150/1.

Last year’s winners at 125/1 included Rod Pampling (Bay Hill Invitational, March 19); Stephen Ames (The Players Championship, March 26); Jeff Maggert (FedEx St. Jude Classic, May 28); Carl Pettersson (the Memorial Tournament, June 4); J.J. Henry (Buick Championship, July 2); and Corey Pavin (US Bank Championship, July 30).

Nail just one of the above winners and you’re good for a free ride betting the PGA Tour every week for two to five years, depending on the size payout of that one winner.

So what’s the problem? Just bet a longshot each week.

Well, for starters, exactly how do you find a J.B. Holmes or a Chris Couch? When Holmes won the FBR Open there were 109 other golfers offered at odds of 100/1 or more, including 51 at odds of 250/1 or greater. In fact, if you were looking for a real longshot, there were 35 golfers who were offered at betting odds of 300/1 or more, including Tony Rohlik and Ian Leggatt, each at a life-changing 750/1. How in the name of Titleist could you isolate Holmes, who won in just his fourth PGA start?

It was a similar situation when Couch won in New Orleans. At that tournament, 26 other golfers were listed at 250/1 and 19 more were quoted at odds of 300/1 or greater.

Given the difficulty in isolating a longshot, maybe betting the favorite is the better way to go.

Well, no.

Favorites won just nine events last year and, with the exception of Phil Mickelson’s triumph at odds of 7/1 in the BellSouth Classic, April 2, the other eight favorites all were named Tiger Woods.

Woods, in fact, won eight of the 15 PGA Tour events he entered last year, meaning you could have realized a modest profit by betting on the world’s No. 1 player in each start. But for his career, Woods has won 54 of 200 tournaments, or just over one in every four tournaments he’s entered, so you’d have to average odds of 3/1 to break even.

That’s not going to happen.

So how do you win betting golf?

“I don’t know anyone who bets golf consistently and wins,” conceded a Nevada bookmaker who asked he not be identified. “It’s really a fool’s errand. The only way someone can win betting golf is to hit a longshot and never bet again.”

Yeah, right.

Luken Karel

Big Al Carson – French Quarter Festival 2007

Big Al Carson, venerable New Oleans R&B singer, belts out a fine performance with his satin voice.

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Sticky: A Pirates Look at NOLA

Rewind to 1977: I was sitting in the back of geometry class with the newest Fern Michaels paperback stuck in my text book.  I have always been an avid reader and in those teenage days much preferred romantic fiction to any type of math. (Actually, I still do.) On this day I had an empowering revelation and it wasn’t about how to find the area of a triangle.
The historical female lead in this book was not the boringly typical simpering, swooning maid.  She didn’t wring her hands and wait to be rescued.   This particular lady kicked ass and took names all on her own.  Since I was never one of those girly-girls, this was excellent news.  Her name was Sirena and she was a Pirate! For as long as it took me to finish the book (twice) I sailed the seas and kicked butt right alongside her.  It was awesome.
Fast forward to 2008:  I am waiting on traffic at a corner in the New Orleans French Quarter and swaggering down the street is my teenage hero, Sirena the Pirate, in full swashbuckling regalia.  I’m talking plumed hat, bustier, knee boots and sword clanking at her side.  I blinked a few times but Sirena was still there, only it wasn’t Sirena from “Captive Passions”,  it was Renee’ of the New Orleans Krewe of Pirate Wenches.

Ahoy there, mates! The NOLA Wenches is a social club located in New Orleans, their favorite port of call. These Pirate pretties party and celebrate in the tradition of the Krewes of old.  According to their website the Krewe was founded in August 2007 in New Orleans.  Their mission is to bring a taste of the sometimes scandalous and revelrous high seas life of the 17th century into the lives of the modern-day pirates and wenches as they eat, drink, and terrorize the town for great causes.

These gals and guys are dedicated to bringing the history of the New Orleans pirates, privateers and Baratarians alive and incorporating that into all they do for the community. They do everything from parade, promote tourism, perform, to promote and support local NOLA establishments. Since 2007 they have volunteered their time and efforts at countless fundraising events, parades, parties, and acts of piracy.

Land, or should I say, NOLA ho! There is plenty of plundering and cannons thundering going on here!  Hey Jimmy, it’s not too late!  Doesn’t that just shiver your timbers? Yo Ho, Yo Ho, A Pirates life for me!

By Sharon  Denise Talbot

Interested in joining the Krewe or taking part in some piratical escapades.  For more information on the Krewe of Pirate Wenches visit

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