• Bourbon Street

    Bourbon Barrel Stout

    When a Jefferson Reserve's Bourbon barrel finishes 12 years of aging a very small batch bourbon, it goes on to another life: Aging the Bluegrass Brewing Company Jefferson's Reserve Bourbon Barrel Stout. We visit the brewery in Louisville to pay our respects to a respectable flavor Duration : 4 min 15 sec

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  • Bourbon Street

    Pete Allen & Riverside City Band – Bourbon Street Parade

    This is a “Live” recording, 2nd. April 2006, from Riverside City Band’s “Spring Concert” at the Culture House “Magasinet” in Odense, Denmark — featuring Pete Allen in the tune — the old New Orleans classic Bourbon Street Parade. Riverside City Band is a well established professional jazz band and the members are musicians with a lot of experience playing jazz. The band plays traditional Dixieland jazz. Riverside City Band is situated in Odense, Denmark and was founded in 1978. The band leader is the saxophonist Erland Larsen, and together with the banjo player and vocalist Tom Nissen, they have been members of this band from the beginning. The other musicians…

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  • Bourbon Street

    The Bourbon Bar

    Drinking bourbon down the street from where it is made at The Bourbon Bar in the Bourbon Capital of the World: Bardstown, Kentucky. The Bourbon Bar is a part of The Old Talbott Tavern which dates back to the to late 1700's. For more videos, visit BourbonBlog.com Duration : 4 min 14 sec

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  • Bourbon Street

    Bourbon Street

    John the Conqueroo celebrating Mardi Gras at the Northern Lights Theater in Milwaukee, featuring Will Branch on guitar. Duration : 0:2:1

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