6 Responses to ““Straight Boys Dance” – Bourbon Street Awards 2010, Gay Mardi Gras New Orleans”

  1. If one was to get mugged at streetlevel, rather then handing over your wallet act like you are going to put your hands in the air and punch your attacker in the throat with other strikes.

  2. Rocky says:

    Put the same time into looking into these companies as you do when you go to get a new TV, it’s for your protection.

  3. Rodney says:

    In the actual world, fights occur amazingly and you had better have this perspective to reply to it.

  4. Secret five – Look For An Object Behind Your attacker – Then Spray – Ideally, if you can position the fight such that your competitor is standing in front of a box, crate or the fringe of the path, when you spray and hit, he's going to fall backward over the object or off the path that's behind him. When he falls back and onto the ground, chase up with knee stomps or ankle stomps so you have incapacitated him from getting back up – although he cannot see anything.

  5. Javier says:

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  6. riak1969 says:

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    If you increase front tire pressure, the vehicle will become tighter ( added understeer ), and if you increase rear tire pressure, the automobile will be looser ( added oversteer ).

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