6 Responses to “Review of Tai Pei Bourbon Street Chicken (Episode 311)”

  1. NubCB says:

    hope u feel better …
    hope u feel better soon

  2. Freezerburnsdotcom says:

    Had a similar …
    Had a similar discussion in the comments on my website. The Red Baron Pizza still had a convenience factor that made it an ok value.

    This meal should have received a 4 star for taste and nutrition but I couldn’t get past the hard morsel. So RB was a low 3.0 and this one is more like a 3.9

  3. Freezerburnsdotcom says:

    Thanks for this …
    Thanks for this comment. I have heard similar feedback and am working on a solution. Stay tuned in future episodes…

  4. treehamallama says:

    the one thing i …
    the one thing i dont like about this is that i can never see what the food looks like in detail, i think its either how far away it is from the camera, or that the camera cant pick up that kind of detail

  5. kmitch2626 says:

    i love bourbon! but …
    i love bourbon! but its pretty much an aquired taste. one quality one to try for starters is Blanton’s
    my question, why does something you kinda dig get 3.5, and something your not into like that RB pizza get 3

  6. haroblaster2 says:


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