4 Responses to “Is Bourbon street the same as Canal street?”

  1. Jan Luv says:

    no not the same street
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  2. Jose H says:

    not at all

    Canal street is huge street with 3 lanes on each side and the street car in the middle, it has many shops, hotels and stores on both sides.

    Bourbon street is a small but famous street because of all of the bars and strip clubs that have made it famous, at night portions of it are closed to vehicular traffic (no cars) and people stroll up and down it all night creating a parade of characters including tourists and locals that has to be seen to be explained. you can carry and drink alcohol while you walk as long as it’s not in a glass container.

    I’d avoid the overpriced t shirt shops and strip clubs but you can find some good music and fun if you know where to look
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  3. NOLA guy says:

    Canal and Bourbon Streets intersect, and Canal is one of the boundary streets for the French Quarter. It divides the FQ from the Central Business District




    All anyone needs to do to be safe in New Orleans is use the same basic common sense needed n every city in the world. One does NOT have to travel only in groups, stay indoors at night, etc. I don’t know where people get the background for the advice they sometimes offer.
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  4. Who Dat! says:

    NO. Canal Street it totally different and not the best area for tourists to walk around. Bourbon st. runs into canal st. and is where all the cheesy clubs and strip clubs are. Canal st. has a bunch of stores, selling cheap cameras, souvenirs, and shoes and clothes, and a few fast food places like mcdonalds, not the best place to shop. I would try to stay away at night. During the day it is safer. STAY AWAY from that area end of bourbon at night. Please.
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