5 Responses to “Bourbon Street Parade – Ken Colyer’s Jazzmen – 1954”

  1. yeriaf says:

    My youth was …
    My youth was miss-spent in the Birmingham town hall about 1948 when some of the band members were still in uniform.

  2. oceanclub05 says:

    This takes me back …
    This takes me back to 1954 and my mis-spent youth. Regularly going to the Latin Quarter Club, 14 Greek St., Soho to see Ken Colyer’s Jazzmen, playing in the basement there, when I should have been attending night school at the Regent St. Poly. Then came the split and the band turned up minus Ken and with Pat Halcox on trumpet. Great days and great jazz.

  3. pugmire1 says:

    A fabulous line-up, …
    A fabulous line-up, most of the greats if British traditional jazz. BUT… the mike was too close to Monty Sunshine, which meant that we don’t hear the main melody. Monty is a great musician, but so are Ken Colyer and Chris Barber, and we can hardly hear them.

  4. 411watchdog says:

    Wonderful piece of …
    Wonderful piece of music. Monty dominates with his clarinet and reminds me of Sidney Bechet on his sop sax.

  5. Deafcruiser says:

    What a great …
    What a great concert!!
    Full line up
    Ken Colyer-Cornet
    Chris barber-Trombone
    Monty Sunshine-Clarinet
    Jim Bray-Bass
    Tony “Lonnie” Donegan-Banjo
    Ron Bowden-Drums

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