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    DesCours AIA New Orleans

    New Orleans Sharon Denise Talbot AIA New Orleans along with the Downtown Development District, the city of New Orleans, the Louisiana Architecture Foundation and numerous private businesses held the fourth annual architecture and art event called DesCours. this event is free of charge and open to the public.   Held the second week of Decemeber this event invites internationally renowned architects and artists to create 15 architecture installations within “hidden” locations in the heart of New Orleans.  This Art Scavenger hunt takes you to private courtyards, rooftops, abandon buildings and walkways. All locations normally unseen, inaccessible or unseen by the public. Descours is unique in that it provides a platform for experimentation within…

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    Hornets Sting Back in Nba Basketball

    The star of the evening for the Hornets was David West who scored a total of 40 points for his team of which 15 points he scored in the final quarter alone.  Los Angeles lost to New Orleans 105-116.  The defensive game played by the Hornets towards the end proved to be the turning point of the game in their favor.  NBA basketball results can be quite unpredictable! The Lakers maintained a lead through most of the game with 92-89 in the fourth quarter but luck seemed to run out for Los Angeled when they were only able to score 5 of 21, as well as a shocking 3 of…

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    New Orleans Hornets Tickets – a Blast From the Past Buccaneers Style!

    The game against the Charlotte Bobcats surely seemed to be a make or break game. There were definitely a lot at stake for both the teams. The Hornets though were playing this game right in front of their home crowd. Vociferous and partisan – These were two words that described the crowd for that game. It must be said that they were all in anticipation for a cracking NBA game, which they hoped their team would win. But when the players started walking out on to the court, they were taken for a surprise indeed. They could see the players walking out in costumes that the New Orleans Buccaneers used…

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    New Orleans For Sale!

    2-cent entertainment’s controversial “This is What You Paid To See” PSA. They tried to ban it on TV, so we’re bringin it to the web! www.2-cent.com Duration : 0:1:26

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    Pete Allen & Riverside City Band – Bourbon Street Parade

    This is a “Live” recording, 2nd. April 2006, from Riverside City Band’s “Spring Concert” at the Culture House “Magasinet” in Odense, Denmark — featuring Pete Allen in the tune — the old New Orleans classic Bourbon Street Parade. Riverside City Band is a well established professional jazz band and the members are musicians with a lot of experience playing jazz. The band plays traditional Dixieland jazz. Riverside City Band is situated in Odense, Denmark and was founded in 1978. The band leader is the saxophonist Erland Larsen, and together with the banjo player and vocalist Tom Nissen, they have been members of this band from the beginning. The other musicians…

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