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    Six Years Later – A Failed Presidency

    President Bush came into office with great promise, and the reality has been one failure after another, and this is coming from a writer who was a conservative Republican before the President knew what the term meant. Let’s use former President Ronald Reagan’s requirements for a successful Presidency. Do you remember the last debate between then President Jimmy Carter and candidate Reagan? The former Republican Governor of California asked the American people in closing if they thought they were better off today in 1980, than they were when President Carter took office four years earlier in January of 1977. The following Tuesday, the American people threw the failed President from…

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    Mind of a Gangsta

    Mr. Keith Rhodes is on a mission to support the efforts of law enforcement and the community to control gang activity in the city of New Orleans. His background as a criminal investigator and trainer of police around the country and in a number of foreign countries will be brought to bear on the violent and intimidating gang activity in Southern Louisiana. During this time of clean up in the city of New Orleans, cleaning up criminal activity among our young people is paramount in its restoration to one of the greatest tourist attractions in the world. Duration : 0:1:43

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    has anyone stayed in the courtyard guest house in the french quarter in New Orleans?

    I am trying to find out a little info about the courtyard guess house in the french quarter in new orleans. I was just trying to find some people that have stayed there and get some info. Can’t say I have but check w/ the online booking sites (i.e. Orbitz, Priceline, etc.) Its likely the Courtyard is one they offer & possible that a prior guest reviewed it. Good luck.

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    Quint & Nola – Silas Kidnaps Nola (part 16/16) – Guiding Light 1982

    Guiding Light – August 1982 – Silas Kidnaps Nola The story will continue in Nola In The Hospital (part 1) Theyve stopped and Tony went to get Nola something to eat and drink. Nolas head is resting on Quints shoulder in the car and she tells him that she never thought shed see anyone again and that when she saw Quint come through the door, she thought she was dreaming. She says shes been dreaming a lot lately, shes been tied up so long. Quint urges her not to talk, to rest. He tells her everything is going to be fine that he wont let anything happen to her. He…