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Archive for September 19, 2017

Why is New Orleans geting so much attention?

Not to be unsympathetic, but people all over the country lost their homes in natural disasters at different times during the year. So why is New Orleans so special? So, people who lost homes in Florida should be ignored? Do you say "too bad" to them, give New Orleans everything? I am sure you don’t…

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The Battle of New Orleans – Lego Video

I cannot take any credit for this absolutely awesome video – all credit goes to the original creators and the late, great Johnny Horton for his stunning performance of “The Battle of New Orleans”. The song takes a cheeky approach to Andrew Jackson’s now famous battle during the War of 1812 – the battle took…

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air quality in new orleans?

I WAS planning on moving to New Orleans next month… I just read an article about how horrible the air quality is in places a little south of Nola. How the air burns your eyes, and makes you feel dizzy after a few minutes. It also said that people who live on the golf coast…

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