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Complicated Life

Originally written by Ray Davies of the Kinks, this song is performed by the Preservation Hall Jazz Band featuring Clint Maedgen on vocals. Filmed mid-2005, this music video features Clint Maedgen, the Preservation Hall Jazz Band and a guest appearance by the New Orleans Bingo! Show. Duration : 0:5:7

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Webisode 12: New Orleans Girls

Kim and Seana arrive in New Orleans just in time for Kim’s concert at the Hard Rock Café, but after the show drama ensues. Will Seana finally have to confess her secret? Duration : 4 min 38 sec

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How much land is lost in New Orleans and Louisiana as a whole due to rising waters yearly?

I read that New Orleans will eventually become completely submerged, does anyone know the rate at which the land is being lost? Louisiana is losing land to coastal erosion, not “rising waters”. The exact area that has been lost is debatable, but it is huge.

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