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    A Pirates Look at NOLA

    New Orleans Rewind to 1977: I was sitting in the back of geometry class with the newest Fern Michaels paperback stuck in my text book.  I have always been an avid reader and in those teenage days much preferred romantic fiction to any type of math. (Actually, I still do.) On this day I had an empowering revelation and it wasn’t about how to find the area of a triangle.   The historical female lead in this book was not the boringly typical simpering, swooning maid.  She didn’t wring her hands and wait to be rescued.   This particular lady kicked ass and took names all on her own.  Since I was…

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    Rebuilding New Orleans

    Rebuilding New Orleans Five years after Hurricane Katrina, the New Orleans Saints won the Super Bowl, New Orleans elected a new mayor, and people returning to their homes, but much work remains after the devastation caused by Katrina and the consequences of BP oil spill.There are many areas of town that are not reported on that are still struggling. There are parts of the New Orleans metro area that are no where near back to normal. New Orleans just ranked as the city with the worst decrease in property values. Having said all of that New Orleans still is a city with many things going for it. There is still…

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    How To Attract Women In New York

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    You Can Find Useful Jobs While On Holiday

    For those who don’t know what to do with their vacation, you may want to help yourself and others by taking a volunteer vacation. When you take a vacation like this you will be able to relax and also help others. You will be able to make a difference in the world, instead of wasting your time in front of the TV. You will find that you can join a partner program and you’ll be able to work within your community or a distance community and make a difference. Your ability to work will and volunteer your time will allow you to build some skills and stand out in your…