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    New Orleans Hooray!

    This is the video from my set at La Noir Comedy Theater in NEW ORLEANS! Some old stuff, some new stuff, enjoy it. I love NOLA now and you can tell because I called it NOLA. Honestly, the comedy down there is really tight and the people are so supportive, creative, and of course funny. Thank you New Orleans for the best trip of my life. I’m going to try and recreate that scene up here or (what is more likely than changing the CT) I’ll live there. Check ’em out http://nolacomedy.com/ Duration : 0:6:4

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    New Hosting Service for Photo – House Photo Gallery

    http://www.PicVidHosting.com hosting service for photo! Photography made easy learn to take great shots with these great tips. Breathing on the front of your camera lens or front filter provides a quick and inexpensive soft focus filter. If using flas Duration : 38 sec

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    What are some good tourists (college students) attractions in new orleans?

    Attractions In New Orleans It seems as if everything my family use to go to in terms of Attractions In New Orleans is closed like Six Flags. I really can’t find anything that I think would entertain a bunch of college students. We are going down there to volunteer but of course we have to have fun while we are down there helping. What are some happening places that are  Attractions In New Orleans for different age groups? Please take this question seriously, don’t reply with an answer if its not helping. There’s still tons of Attractions In New Orleans. New Orleans has great shopping and eating. The Attractions In…

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    I want to buy a place in the French Quarter and transfer my job to New Orleans…Bad idea?

    My mom is trying to talk me out of it saying that the crime is so bad. I so desire to live someplace where you can walk to get from place to place as opposed to tedious driving. I live in Baton Rouge now and the traffic here is awful. I would really love to experience the French Quarter life. Can anyone suggest realtors or condominums? Is the crime that bad? Does anyone current live in the French Quarter or even nearby neighborhoods (Garden District, etc)? How is it? I’ve gone to French Quarter and New Orleans a lot since my family shops there a lot. I’m familiar with the…

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