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    How do I keep more than 4 dogs in New Orleans?

    I have 4 spayed female bulldogs and one REALLY OLD pug dog. They all receive exceptional care and are healthy and happy. We want to move to New Orleans but they have a 4 dog limit. Thought about a kennel license but many warn against this. Perhaps we could move to a rural area outside of New Orleans city limits? Besides just hoping someone doesn’t notice what is a good alternative? In many cases a 4 dog limit is used as leverage to seize dogs from hoarders that end up with 20-30 dogs they can’t feed or vet. Even with these situations, a compromise is met, and the owner is…

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    Fette's Gallery

    Interview with Fette, the owner / director of Fette's Gallery, Los Angeles, at Swab Art Fair Barcelona 2008. Fette's Gallery is specialized in contemporary art. The gallery is located in the Culver City art district of Los Angeles. Duration : 5 min 21 sec

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    Eyehategod – Dogs Holy Life

    This song is from their 1996 album, “Dopesick” Track Listing: 1.My Name Is God (I Hate You) 2.Dogs Holy Life 3.Masters Of Legalized Confusion 4.Dixie Whiskey 5.Ruptured Heart Theory 6.Non Conductive Nagative Reasoning 7.Lack Of Almost Everything 8.Zero Nowhere 9.Methamphetamine 10.Peace Thru War (Thru Peace And War) 11.Broken Down But Not Locked Up 12.Anxiety Hangover **THIS IS A FAN TRIBUTE, AND NOTHING MORE** Duration : 0:1:12