People To See, Places To Go, Things To Do In NOLA (New Orleans, LA)

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Anthony On Bourbon

Anthony waxes philosophic about Bourbon at the NYC Beer, Bourbon & BBQ Festival with Tom Fischer of Duration : 8 min 2 sec

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House of Shock Travel Channel’s Halloween’s Most Extreme

New Orleans Halloween The most extreme event in the country according to the Travel Channel, The House of Shock. New Orleans Halloween is an interesting event. New Orleans Halloween has taken on a life of its own. New Orleans Halloween is nearing Mardi Gras in participation. Duration : 0:5:35 New Orleans Halloween

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New Orleans or NYC?

Sure, New Orleans has some good stuff going on once in a while.. The parades, the French Quarter, the street cars. But NYC has a million and one cultures all interacting w/ each other whereas I feel NOLA doesn’t have all that plus, the pace is a little slow for me.. Far from being the…

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