• Bourbon Street

    Anthony On Bourbon

    Anthony waxes philosophic about Bourbon at the NYC Beer, Bourbon & BBQ Festival with Tom Fischer of BourbonBlog.com. Duration : 8 min 2 sec

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  • NOLA Life

    New Orleans or NYC?

    Sure, New Orleans has some good stuff going on once in a while.. The parades, the French Quarter, the street cars. But NYC has a million and one cultures all interacting w/ each other whereas I feel NOLA doesn’t have all that plus, the pace is a little slow for me.. Far from being the cultural melting pot. Where is this leading to College decisions. I’ve been told that NOLA has a better college environment BUT NYC seems to have many more opportunities in terms of internships and all that other stuff that I shouldn’t be worrying about right now.. BTW, I live by N.O at the moment.. For at…