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    New Orleans Blues Guitar Slim Jr. Sweet Home New Orleans R&B Series

    Guitar Slim, Jr., the son of New Orleans blues legend, Guitar Slim, has made a name for himself beyond his famous father’s legacy. His first album, “The Story of My Life” earned Guitar Slim, Jr. a Grammy award nomination. A talented guitarist in his own right, Guitar Slim, Jr., aka Rodney Armstrong carries on his father’s legacy as a blues guitar virtuoso and a masterful entertainer. The original Guitar Slim was an early blues guitar sensation, both electrifying musician and entertaining performer. He is considered, along with B.B King and Buddy Guy to be one of the original blues greats. Unfortunately, the hard living of a blues musician took Guitar…

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    The LaLaurie Mansion – New Orleans French Quarter

    This building is reputedly the most haunted site in the entire city of New Orleans, formerly the home of Madame Delphine LaLaurie and her 3rd husband Dr. Leonard Louis LaLaurie. Presently owned by Nicolas Cage, it has demonstrated more activity to guests on tours than any other site in the city. It has a history steeped in horror and blood, and the metaphysical “stains” do not wash out easily. Duration : 0:8:50

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    New Orleans Riddled with Potholes and Crime

    New Orleans is a wonderful city but like all things it requires constant up keep. Serious problems with streets as well as elevated crime has city neighborhoods and Nola lovers concerned over the neglect in both areas.     New Orleans locals are up arms about the various problems plaguing the Crescent City. Neighborhoods are mad because of the continued deteriation  of the city streets and the escalating, brazen crimes that are sparking outrage and concern about the safety of Big Easy residents and visitors. One such incident had New Orleans police  investigating a shootout near the busy tourist corridor of Canal Street. This happened in broad daylight, in full view of bystanders and involved an A-K…

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    I am in search of someone special who has touched my life and moved to LA with his uncle. His cell # is off?

    I am in search of someone special who has touched my life and moved to LA with his uncle. His cell # is off and I would very much like to contact him to let him know that I may be moving to NOLA. I think about him constantly and we lost touch back in June and he doesn’t have e-mail. His name is Joe and he is from Mobile and I believe he is somewhere in the Hammond/Mandeville, LA area working construction/remodeling for his uncle. He said that he lives in a house on his family’s 42 acres. I don’t know his family’s last name and his last name…