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    Crown of Life Lutheran Church New Orleans LA

    Visit with the pastor and members of Crown of Life Lutheran Church in New Orleans, LA. Here you are treated like family. This video will give you a taste of what awaits you at this friendly Christ centered Christian church in New Orleans. Duration : 0:8:15

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    30STM The Kill Acoustic Cover Nola Style

    WOW I was so nervous doing this so it is not my best. I am not a guitarist. Have only been playing a year. I have to dumb stuff way down cuz I can’t play bar chords very well. BUT I am a singer and have been singing my whole life. This is my first of hopefully many videos sharing my voice. As we say down here in Nawlins: BE NICE OR LEAVE!!! Duration : 0:4:6

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    Financial Planning and Insurance Products in New Orleans, La

    A major part of this problem can arise from a failure to coordinate your financial planning (investment management) and insurance products in a comprehensive financial plan.  Many people traditionally find investment advice from one source and get insurance advice somewhere else.  However, responsible financial planning should look closely at your insurance needs in conjunction with your financial plan so that each asset can help and protect the other as it grows. Coordinating Finances and Insurance Identifying fixed costs and desired expenses is an important start to putting together a retirement budget.  Aspiring retirees should remember to consider rising health-care costs, insurance, housing, utilities and transportation when creating a financial plan. …

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    The Aggies Roll In The French Quarter 2008

    I was in the French Quarter and managed to get these Aggie fans (students?, band?) on film. They are singing the Aggie War Hymn. (That’s Texas A&M for those who haven’t caught up yet). Anyway, they were so loud and spirited that they were stopping both foot and car traffic in the French Quarter of New Orleans during Mardi Gras. I feel lucky to have seen this. Here are the lyrics to the song they were singing: Goodbye to texas university, so long to the orange and the white. Good luck to the dear old Texas Aggies, they are the ones who show the real old fight. “The eyes of…

  • Bourbon Street

    Street Dares

    A bloke in a checked shirt takes to the streets and asks passers-by to do various things for him, including singing offensive songs at girls; chanting Oh-lay, oh-lay oh-lay oh-lay; playing with a shopping trolley and a traffic cone; in the street; pouring sick over themselves and in their hair; fighting, etc. The presenter is John Luke Roberts. Duration : 1 min 21 sec

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    If hurricane Gustav hits New Orleans and does major damage, should the American tax payers rebuild it again ?

    Tax payers around America has paid and are paying billions to rebuild New Orleans after Katrina, if it happens again (which it will) should we have to rebuild it again ? The area around New Orleans is below sea level….its already sank so why try to save a sunk ship ? Move New Orleans to higher ground is what I think should happen ! What about you ? The tax payers should not have to rebuild New Orleans. If the people of New Orleans want to rebuild, then they can on their own. FLEUR: We shouldn’t kick out the people of California for living in areas that continually burn due…