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The Story of the 2006 New Orleans Saints

a Tribute to the best year in franchise history. New Orleans Saint Tribute. Songs are Apologize by One Republic and No surprise by Daughtry. **DISCLAIMER** I do not own any part of these songs, all credit goes to WMG, One Republic, and Chris Daughtry, and I have no intention of redistributing this.

Duration : 0:5:17

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Has anyone been to Bourbon street in New Orleans?

I went there for the 1st time this weekend and I had a handgranade.

Every year for the past 10 years for Mardi Gras!!!

Drew Beson Art 2

Duration : 5 min 36 sec

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Bruce Springsteen Superbowl Sound Check

Bruce Springsteen Superbowl Sound Check Distributed by Tubemogul.

Duration : 52 sec

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A Separate Country, Robert Hicks

Set in New Orleans in the years after the Civil War, A Separate Country is based on the incredible life of John Bell Hood, arguably one of the most controversial generals of the Confederate Army–and one of its most tragic figures. Robert E. Lee promoted him to major general after the Battle of Antietam. But the Civil War would mark him forever. At Gettysburg, he lost the use of his left arm. At the Battle of Chickamauga, his right leg was amputated. Starting fresh after the war, he married Anna Marie Hennen and fathered 11 children with her, including three sets of twins. But fate had other plans. Crippled by his war wounds and defeat, ravaged by financial misfortune, Hood had one last foe to battle: Yellow Fever. A Separate Country is the heartrending story of a decent and good man who struggled with his inability to admit his failures-and the story of those who taught him to love, and to be loved, and transformed him.

Duration : 2 min 21 sec

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New Orleans Saints vs. Dallas Cowboys

The greatest game of the football season

Duration : 0:0:58

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Super Saints – “More Than A Championship”

I created this video in dedication to our Super Bowl 44 Champs and the many devoted fans across the amazing city of New Orleans, Gulf Coast, and “Who Dat” fans across the globe. We did it!

Duration : 0:6:21

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How safe is the French Quarter to travel right now?

Please be honest! We were told by tourist business that all was fine etc. We are talking about the safety of 3 women traveling for business, but want to tour the French Market area.
( not Bourbon or nightclubs)

What type of crime is taking place, whom is being targeted, and where should we avoid if we do decide to visit.

Yes, ladies the French Quarter is very safe. I would just not plan on being out by yourselves after 11pm. Just stay to the well-lit, well-traveled streets and you will be fine. Most of the crime that is occurring happens between the hours of 11pm and 6am, and nearly all of it is drug-related in the black or formerly black neighborhoods. Tourists ARE NOT targets unless you make yourself one by doing something stupid, like walking along a dark, unpopulated street after midnight, drunk. New Orleans is no different than anywhere else — use some common sense and don’t carry a large purse or a lot of cash with you, and don’t flash a wad of cash in public. Leave your expensive jewelry at home. When you come to town, change into some casual clothes and comfortable shoes before you go exploring the French Quarter, and get a copy of The Times-Picayune, the New Orleans paper, to carry with you, so you look like a local.
The downtown area is pretty safe, too. Again, for comfort and safety, I would advise casual clothes and tennis shoes for walking, NOT a business suit and high heels.
The French Market is part of the French Quarter and is also quite safe. All the stores in that area close after dark. The only place open near the French Market after dark is Cafe Du Monde, for beignets and cafe au lait.
There is plenty to see and do and places to eat in the French Quarter/Market area. Jackson Square is also safe early in the evening.
You really don’t have anything to be worried about, just be sensible. The only areas I would suggest avoiding in the Quarter would be–don’t venture above Dauphine Street (toward Rampart Street) or past Saint Ann Street (toward Esplanade Ave.) after dark.
Public transit is also safe to use.
Do take some time to take a tour or two if you can, like a riverboat cruise, city tour, swamp tour, or visit one of our many museums. Let me know if you want more info on sightseeing.

Why do people think the New Orleans Saints are getting a free ticket?

Let me tell you, we have struggeled for years to achieve. Maybe, just some how in hell its just our time to win. Maybe it had nosthing to do with anything that people think(Hurricane). It’s just time we got good staff and now are ready? And for those NEW FANS, YOU NEED TO SIT DOWN if you weren’t their for the downs, our losses before 2005 THEN YOU ARE NOT A SAINTS FAN AND DON’T DESERVE TO CHEER US ON! But do it anyway just stop making it seem like we’re getting pity points. So you all would know, we lost alot of home games. Where is the pity? Thank you and have a nice nite.

Noone gets a free ride. It’s the NFL. Some people do have easier schedules, usually teams that sucked the year before. But any team can have a good day on any given Sunday so there is never a free ride.

The Disney Gallery

the disney gallery at disneyland

Duration : 14 min 10 sec

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