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Where can I find a full body spandex sports costume in New Orleans Saints colors?

I’m trying to get something like the green man costume from “It’s Always Sunny” but I want it in the color of the New Orleans Saints (black and gold). Where is a good place to get it?

This site specializes in the best gear for die hard rooting sports fans. Check them out. My fraternity ordered 10 of these with a group discount and all wore them to a UF football game (you can get them in any color). Everyone at the tailgate went crazy when they saw us.They have spandex body suits in any color combinations. And they have that one featured I believe.

New Orleans Saints WHO DAT NATION THEME – Black & Gold (Who Dat!) – K Gates

Available on ITUNES & Official WHO DAT Nation Theme! The New Orleans Saints Hype Song going all the way to the bowl!

Black&Gold (WhoDat) Lyrics

K. Gates New Orleans Savior

Intro….We yellin black n gold to the Superbowl
black n gold to the Superbowl
black n gold to the Superbowl

Hook…We Yellin who dat who dat who dat who dat
Who dat say they gon beat them Saints

Verse1…,We going to Miami already tamed the wildcat
Secondlining to 2 dasuperbowl and bring the crown back
Brownbag days ovah take dat to da bank
Ol Archie Manning tell em This ain’t ya daddy saints
Tom Benson give a Benz to Drew Brees
Ray Nagin Payton need New Orleans set of keys
by air by ground we scorin touchdowns
Bush flyin to the pylon no going outta bounds
Bell a bruise ya Pierre a lose u
Meechum a leave em
Shockey sock it to ya
Marchin down wit marques
It ain’t hard to find em open
6 4 off da line (Rooh) touchdown Colston

Hook We yellin Who Dat Who Dat
Who Dat who dat
Who Dat say they gon beat dem Saints

Grant leave his wigg split
Sedrick Layin bigg hits
Jabari run the corner, sharper get that pick six
believe it undefeated walk the walk
Beat Bills jets & giants
We run new York
Panthers get crushed
Bucs get bucked
Monday night falcons gettin A town stomped
Are U Ready for some football it’s goin down baby
We got sumthin fa ya Bellechick &

Bridge….We yellin Black & Gold to the superbowl (4 times)
Toudown Colston

Hook.. We yellin Who Dat Who Dat
Who dat who dat
Who dat Say dey gon beat them Saints

Duration : 0:3:10

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Bring ‘Em to the Dome- New Orleans Saints Anthem

THE NEW ANTHEM for the New Orleans Saints!


“Bring em to the Dome” by Shamarr Allen & Dee-1

Now available on iTunes and!


CALL IN AND REQUEST – “Bring em to the Dome” by Dee-1 & Shamarr Allen!!!

[Q93]- 504.260.9393
[Power 102.9]- 504.260.1029
[B97]- 504.260.9797
[WWOZ]- 504.568.1234
[WTUL]- 504.865.5885

More links for DEE-1:

More links for SHAMARR ALLEN:

To Book Live Performances:
Phone: 504.473.8790

Copyright 2009.

Duration : 0:3:26

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KING CAKE FOR BREAKFAST!!!!!! [1/25/10] – 278

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Duration : 2 min 11 sec

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Mold Removal New Orleans LA

New Orleans LA Mold Removal

Duration : 1 min 3 sec

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New Orleans weight loss New Orleans Weight loss program and boot camp in New Orleans

Duration : 11 sec

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NFC Championship Preview – Vikings vs Saints

Brett Farve and the Minnesota Vikings try to return to the superbowl by defeating Drew Brees and the New Orelans Saints high powered offense.

Duration : 4 min 35 sec

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Saints Go All the Way remix
be sure to check out our second video at Request this on on your favorite stations. Send me an email at for a FREE MP3 for a limited time. …

Doreen – The Clarinet Queen

Where can you go to catch a world class musical performance with plenty of room to dance? The 700 block of Royal Street is where it’s happening.  You’ve got Rouses’ (the old A&P) grocery, a regular stop for French Quarter visitors and locals alike. Across the street is Forever New Orleans, and Alex Beard recently opened an art gallery a few doors down on the corner of Royal and Pirates Alley (you can actually watch him paint in the window sometime, very cool).   Gallery 713, a local favorite, is opposite him.   But the crowd in the street is gathered around a group of local street musicians known to frequent this block.   They are here to see the Queen.  
Doreen and her husband Lawrence Ketchens have been international ambassadors for New Orleans music and culture on radio and televisions around the world. While they are available for weddings and special events, Doreen and her band of jazz musicians have been bringing their brand of music to the Crescent City streets for twenty years or so.  A fixture on this stretch of Royal they will have even the most rhythm challenged tapping their feet and moving to the beat.

As Doreen says in one of her songs “I’m the Queen of the clarinet, been around the world ain’t heard better yet” and I say “Amen!”  The group has several CD’s available for purchase.  You can visit their website: 

These show stealers will capture your hearts with just one stanza of their rendition of “Little Liza Jane” as they did mine.   It is obvious these amazing performers play for the absolute love of it because their heart and soul are in every note.

Stop by and hang out with Doreen, Lawrence and the crew next time you find yourself on Royal Street.   Hey y’all, don’t forget to leave a little something in the bucket! 

By S.D. Talbot

Who Let The Saints Fans Out? Who Dat! Who Dat!

The Who Dat nation has always been loud and proud (some years more than others), but Who Dats! are definitely one of the more loyal breeds.  New Orleans Saints fans have always been there to protect and defend their team. They would never bite the hand that feeds them, but the Vikings fans better keep their hands in their pockets!

Beware of the Saints Fan.  The Dome Patrol is marking their territory. Today even the most well- mannered of the litter, are showing their black and gold pride and some teeth in the streets of the Big Easy.  The pack is definitely circling, scenting a win in the Superdome.  These guys are off the chain!!

When the Saints bring the Vikings to heel on Sunday, good luck putting these big dogs back in their cage!

Who let the Saints Fans out?  Drew Dat! Drew Dat!    

By S.D. Talbot

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